How to Treat Chronic Constipation

Chronic Constipation Treatment

Getting treated for chronic constipation is very much essential as if left untreated it might lead to colon cancer. How to treat chronic constipation- this will include more of fibrous rich foods, green leafy vegetables, drinking lots of fluids. Apart from this, you also need to go for jogging, walking daily and drink glass of warm water daily.

Constipation is a common problem of the stomach when the digestive system is not working well. It can become a source of tension, anxiety and irritation if it is not treated on time. You may be suffering from difficulty in passing the stool, it may take 3-4 days and your bowel movements might be quite irregular. Sometimes it comes with gas discharge as well. You can easily cure constipation through a number of methods but the problem assumes serious proportions once it has become a chronic constipation.

Causes of Constipation

There are not just one but many factors responsible for the same. Our unhealthy eating habits, uneven style of living are major factors. Remaining inactive for long hours, lack of exercising daily as well as lack of fibrous foods is responsible for the same.

It needs to be known that if it is left untreated, chronic constipation might finally give way to colon cancer which could be life threatening.

Treating Chronic Constipation

It is very much essential that constipation gets treated on time before it is too late and the problem becomes deadly. You need to follow a number of preventive steps in order to prevent constipation from turning chronic.

The most important is that you need to exercise every day, even though it means exercising for just 10-15 minutes. Aerobics is said to be quite good or else go for jogging or brisk walking daily.

Try to avoid eating unhealthy foods and include more and more of green leafy vegetables, fruits in your diet, the more you take these the better it is.

Liquids should be taken in large quantities, be it the juices or simply water, include it in your routine. Drink one warm glass of water every day as the first thing in the morning.

Include more and more of whole grain foods, cereals, wheat in the diet. Try to take a fibrous rich diet.

If you are having difficulty in passing the stool try to drink hot water, hot tea or coffee this is known to stimulate the bowel movements.

Go for stimulant laxative but avoid laxatives if you are pregnant or having kidney problems.

There are some of the medicines which might lead to pain and thereby constipation, you need to avoid such type of medicines.

If in spite of these steps you are not getting a regular motion, rather there is pain, fever, nausea, abdominal pain it is suggested that you should immediately consult a doctor rather than wait for the problem to become serious.

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