How to Treat Swollen Gum

Treatment of Swollen Gums

How to treat swollen gums is important to know if you want to prevent the swelling of gums. You need to keep your mouth clean always, brush with fluoride toothpaste. Eat balanced diet. Treatment of swollen gums is possible through various herbal rinse, gargling with warm water and salt.

Swollen gums is one of the important causes of discomfort in the person who suffers from it. Anyone who suffers from it want to get treated of it at the earliest possible manner. In most of the people it is seen that there gums bleed in the morning at the time of brushing. Treating swollen gums is easy if proper and effective steps are taken at the right time.

Treating Swollen Gums

You need to rinse your mouth of the disinfectant, which your dentist might have prescribed for you. If he hasn’t you need to ask him for the same.

You need to be very much particular with the type of brush and toothpaste you are using. Don’t use very hard brush on your teeth, also it is suggested that you use toothpaste which is rich in fluoride. This will help in stopping the bacteria from growing in your mouth. Yu should also clean your tongue with a tongue scraper.

What you eat too matters in your overall health and of your gums also. So be sure of what you are eating, it is advised that you need to eat a proper balanced diet which should consists of adequate amount of vitamins and minerals which are needed for the teeth to remain healthy and strong.

One of the quickest methods is to rinse your mouth with warm water which should also contain salt. Rinse it daily and you will see a marked improvement in the swelling of gums. You can also find some of the herbs which too can be used as an effective rinse. Yet another good rinse is made from water in which lemon has been squeezed. This is known to kill the infection of the bacteria which might have grown in the mouth.

Home Remedy for Treating Swollen Gums

Yet another effective home remedy is to take 50gm essence of rose water and squeeze lemon juice in it. Mix it and then you need to put it in the mouth. You need to keep it in the mouth for at least 5-10 minutes and then throw away.
You should follow this at least three times a day only then you will see your swollen gums returning back to normalcy within a few days. You can also make a paste of ginger juice with salt and then rub it on the affected area. You need to rub these many times in a day and within a few days only you will see your gums returning back to their normal form.

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