How to Treat a Dry Cough

Treating Dry Cough

Treating dry cough is essential as it creates too much pressure on the person who suffers from it. If you know as to how to treat dry cough, it becomes easier for you to treat it. Take honey with turmeric, ginger tea, and garlic should be taken more in the food. Make an almond paste and use it with honey.

Coughing is said to be one of the most irritating problems not just for the problem who is suffering from it rather for all those who are near him. Constant coughing might even lead to headaches and irritation also. There are primarily two types of cough one is the dry cough and the other is the chesty cough.

Causes of Dry Cough

When throat and upper airways are inflamed, dry cough occur. In dry cough no mucus is formed while in chesty cough you have to always throw out mucus. Dry cough is said to be non productive cough while chesty cough is said to be the productive cough.

Dry cough causes more problems and irritation and the person suffering wants to get rid of the same at the earliest. The disease can affect the person of any age, it may happen in a children or in an adult. It might take 2-3 weeks before it finally gets over. You may find difficulty in breathing and sleeping as well, sometimes there might occur respiratory problems also.

The dry cough might occur due to a number of factors like end of cold, flu. If the person is allergic to dirt, smoke, chemical fumes. If you are a chain smoker or suffer from asthma then too there are possibilities that you might suffer from dry cough.

Treating Cold Cough

Depending upon the cough type only, there are medicines available. for dry cough you need to take antitussive cough mixture.

There are a number of home remedies available for the treatment of dry cough. You can surely start to use the same and over a period of time you will see your dry cough getting reduced.

You can make some syrups at home. For doing this you need to mix honey with lemon juice and to it add cayenne pepper. If you are not able to find cayenne you can also use freshly grated onions. This is going to relieve you of the dry cough.

You can also make a soup of vegetables or chicken broth whichever you like, and add garlic into it. This is known to soothe your neck and also relieves the pain.

Both ginger and garlic are said to be quite effective in relieving dry cough. You can drink tea of ginger while garlic can be added in the food. You can also drink honey mixed with a pinch of turmeric at the time of sleeping. Take almonds daily.

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