Hypertension in Young Adults

Young Adults are More Hypertensive

Studies reveal that young adults are more hypertensive, reason being their lifestyle and environmental conditions. The pressure from the family along with the job pressure forces them to be more hypertensive. Hypertension in young adults in increasing, so more and more physical activity is a must. So the more you exercise the better it is.

Various researches have been carried out which candidly reveal that owing to the strenuous lifestyle and hard every day routine, young adults are more prone to getting hypertension than others. But at the same time, researches have also brought to the fore, that young adults who spend a considerable amount of time in physical exercises are able to reduce the risk of hypertension.

Young adults who exercise at least five times a week are able to lessen out the chances of cardiovascular diseases by around 17 percent, as compared to the rest of the individuals. So increasing physical activity is essential not just because it helps in losing weight and keeps you fit but also because it is able to prevent you from becoming a victim of high blood pressure.

Young Adults are more Hypertensive

More and more adults are taking anticholesterol medicines nowadays than in the past. Reports make it clear that young adults in the age group of 20- 44 more and more are taking hypertension medicines, this indeed is an alarming situation. This is indicative of the fact that young adults are getting more prone to developing high cholesterol level along with increase in high blood pressure.

Hypertension is called as silent killer since most of the people are basically unaware of the symptoms of hypertension unless the situation becomes out of control. Therefore it is essential that you need to get regular checkups done in order to know that your blood pressure is under control. If it is higher it is important you need to ask your doctor as to how to control it. It is also possible that you may have to undergo various tests.

Understanding the Symptoms and Risk Factors

Due to over burden at the work front and the over stressful life which most of the youngsters are leading, hypertension is becoming more and more common. The various symptoms of hypertension include- headache, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision. So if you suffer from any of these, you need to get your check done. There are various risk factors involved in hypertension. Sometimes a person may suffer from it because he might be having it in his family history. Yet other reasons include being overweight, excessive alcohol intake or relying on drugs, stress and more of sodium intake are said to be other factors responsible. If you suffer from diabetes, kidney disorders then you run the risk of being hypertensive.

The first important thing to be done is to exercise regularly and have a low cholesterol diet. Maintaining a proper weight and reducing salt intake can help you prevent from suffering from hypertension.


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