Inflammatory Bowel Disease Surgery

Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There are various reasons due to which surgery for inflammatory bowel disease is conducted but doctor’s first analyse the disease with the help of various tests like blood test, endoscopy. The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Surgery involves two distinct surgeries ľone for ulcerative colitis and the other for Crohn disease. The risk factors are numerous in so you need to be careful.

The inflammatory bowel disease is a serious disease of the gastrointestinal tract. If left untreated it may spread to other parts of the body also. The person who has this disease may suffer from rectal bleeding, diarrhoea accompanied by severe pain and fever, the person may also get severe cramps in his body. The IBD primarily consists of two types- ulcerative colitis and crohn disease. Both are different and need to be treated at the earliest.

Surgery is needed for both of these diseases. Though it may vary somewhat. But it needs to be taken into account that surgery should be performed only by an experienced colorectal surgeons.

Surgery for Crohn Disease

Those persons who have the Crohn disease, it is a must for them to undergo a surgery; this will provide them the much needed relief from bleeding in the intestine or any kind of blockage. Though surgery can remove that part of the intestine where the problem lies but still it cannot provide a complete cure to the disease sometimes. So surgery too is a risk factor and you need to consult your surgeon relating to all positive and negative aspects of the surgery.

There are basically two types of surgeries which are performed for the Crohn disease. These include the –

Colectomy - Which involves removal of the colon either partially or completely. In colostomy, for the passage of the stool, an opening is created on the abdomen for temporary or permanent period depending upon the case.
Small Bowel Resection - Here the parts of the bowel which suffer from infection are removed and healthy parts are joined together.

Surgery for Ulcerative Colitis - But for those people who are suffering from ulcerative colitis, surgery is performed only in case of patients with severe problem. This two involves two types of surgery-
Colectomy, or colon removal- people who suffer from excessive bleeding, rupture of the colon undergo this surgery.

Ileoanal Pouch Anastomosis (IPPA) - This type of surgery is performed to remove the colon and the rectum.

Thus if you suffer from bowel disease, get in touch with your doctor who will ask you to undergo certain tests like blood test, X ray and then finally endoscopy to determine the disease. Sometimes upper endoscopy is also resorted to followed by barium study. This is performed by the doctor to understand the severity of the disease and only on this basis he concludes whether surgery is a must or not.  

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