Information on Asthma

Know About Asthma to Prevent Yourself from Its Chronic Effects

It is important to learn what causes asthma attacks. Its causes are known as triggers that can be from any substance at any place. Even your home can have such triggers. Molds, dust mites, second hand smoke, cockroaches, cats and dogs are major triggers causing asthma. Besides these, asthma can attack through air pollution and contaminated food. Respiratory infections too cause asthma.

Asthma is not curable hence one should take preventive step and in case one suffers from it prevention must be given first priority.

The chronic lung disease named asthma inflames besides narrowing airways in human bodies. It can cause recurring periods of wheezing which results into whistling sound when sufferers breathe. Furthermore, chest tightness, shortness of breath and coughing are other major after affects. Though asthma usually affects people of all ages but it is more common in children.

Consult your doctor immediately in case your child has asthma symptoms. Start applying best preventive measures to suppress its symptoms. Collaborative effort by the doctor and sufferer helps the patient keep asthma away. Knowing the causes and triggers minutely is the fist preventive step to control asthma attacks. You can identify the triggers around you. Take firm step to get rid of triggers at your place and find out best medication.

Have Organised Lifestyle: It is crucial to prepare asthma action plan in case you suffer from it. Such planning can be done through taking help from doctors who guide you to apply preventive techniques. When asthma action plan is set it becomes easy to control it regularly. Make sure that you have cleaned molds with soap and water. Use exhaust fans to throw dusts away. Your bathroom and kitchen should have open windows. Ensure that your house doesn’t have any leaky plumbing.

Major Causes: Take special care in preventing asthma. Smoke from burning end of cigarette, pipe or cigar and the smoke breathed out by smokers can trigger asthma. It is better to avoid smoking and in case you do so try not to make others a passive smoker by smoking in home or in car. Also, don't permit others to smoke near you. Making your environment smoke-free helps you prevent asthma. Controlling asthma symptoms is mandatory. Such symptoms may occur anytime whenever airways get irritated.

Prevention: At times the symptoms of asthma can be mild which go away on their own when normal treatment procedure is done by medication. But it has also been seen that such symptoms worsen if not treated on time. Once multiple symptoms are there or they become intense asthma attacks overpower a person. Such severe attacks are also called flareups or exacerbations. That is why they must be treated on time at the very first stage.

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