Inner Ear Problems Dizziness

Facts about Inner Ear Problems Dizziness

Inner ear problems can cause dizziness. There are several factors that cause dizziness that is why it happens even during the least time we expect it. Thus, it is important to know the root cause of dizziness.

If you are experiencing dizziness frequently you should consult your doctor the soonest possible time. Keep in mind that dizziness could be the result of other underlying health conditions such as inner ear problems. If the dizziness you feel involves a spinning motion most likely it is caused by inner ear problem or vertigo. However, the dizziness would aggravate and lead to fainting or loss of motor control.

It is also necessary to understand the cause of dizziness. Generally, there are several causes of dizziness and one of which is the inner ear problems. Any disturbance in the inner ear would result to inner ear dizziness. Apparently, the inner ear is responsible for maintaining balance as well as hearing. It is comprise of tiny hair and balance fluid. The tiny hair serves like sensors. The inner ear can recognize deceleration, acceleration, rotation and posture due to the tiny hair and the fluid. However, if the sensors cannot detect movement and gravity it would result to inner ear dizziness. Obviously, when a person is dizzy it is accompanied with nausea and eventually would loss balance.

Symptoms of Inner Ear Dizziness

A person with inner ear dizziness would experience nausea. Since the eyes and the inner ear have close connection, any problems happening in the inner ear would cause blurred vision. Likewise, a person might be sensitive to bright light as related to ears and eyes coordination. When this happens headache follows and should be given immediate attention. In addition, due to the problem in the inner ear the person may hear ringing in the ears also called as tinnitus. It may also lead to ear pain and when not given proper attention would result to decrease in hearing.

Upon knowing the causes and symptoms of inner ear dizziness, you should not wait longer and consult your doctor. As much as possible you should consult a specialist so that the problem would be ruled out. The doctor would require tests in order to determine the cause of the dizziness. If found out that it is due to inner ear problem then appropriate treatment would be prescribed.


A person suffering from this condition is required to limit salt intake. However, the fluid intake should be increased. Diuretics will be prescribed in order to eliminate the water in the ear. You need also to take enough sleep and rest to avoid dizziness. If the condition gets worse, the fluid is drained by inserting ear tubes in the inner ear.

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