Irritable Bowel Syndrome Foods to Avoid

Foods You Need to Avoid in Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome foods to avoid include dairy products like cheese, milk; animal products like red meat; high fat food too should be kept at bay; Once you know which foods you need to avoid in bowel syndrome it is easier to tackle the disease. Maintain a food diary too can help.

Bowel syndrome though is not life threatening but it tends to play havoc with the normal routine of the person who suffer from it. It occurs because of the complications occurring in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby hindering the normal process of digestion. The syndrome may also cause stress, depression.

Foods to Avoid in Bowel Syndrome

Doctors regard diet as one of the major factors responsible for the bowel syndrome. There are a number of foods which are primarily said to be responsible for bowel syndrome to occur. These foods need to be avoided at all costs. It is utmost essential so as to regulate the colon. Beverages are said to be mostly responsible for the same. You need to avoid excessive intake of coffee. Once you stop it, you will see marked improvement in your bowel syndrome.
Gluten too is a big no, if you suffer from bowel syndrome. It is a protein found in grains. Gluten may lead to a feeling of being bloated and you may also feel lethargic after the diet. This will imply that you are being sensitive to gluten.
Avoid red meat as much as possible. There are possibilities that if you eat red meat then it may trigger the bowel syndrome.

Dairy products of all types including cheese, milk, butter, and all other products which are rich in fat have to be avoided. In fact you need to increase the intake of low fat dairy products. Opting for the alternatives is a must.
French fires too are known to increase the pain of bowel syndrome. In the same fashion, carbonated soda should be kept at bay. You should also avoid taking artificial sweeteners or any other sugar substitutes.

Maintaining an Account of Foods

There are various ways in which you need to maintain the account of food which you are taking, so as to understand which foods are triggering the bowel syndrome. Try to maintain a diary to keep a track of all the foods you eat. It is also important that you read the label of the foods which you are taking. What foods make you sick or create gas problems. Note if any of the bowel symptoms are occurring. Foods which are triggering the disease need to be avoided all the more.

It is important to include soluble fibers in your diet. Try to take small amounts of meals many times a day rather than three meals a day.

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