Is High Blood Pressure Caused By Stress

Do Stress Causes High Blood Pressure

None can deny this fact that stress plays major role in causing blood pressure. Once you are under an intense stress and your situation turns volatile you would surely experience the panicky situation that ultimately causes high blood pressure to individuals. In fact we see these scenes over and again. High blood pressure is not the only bad omen you can realize from stress. It has several other elements too.

Long-term effects of stress must be understood well for better assessment of relation these two have in human body ands minds. High blood pressure is common in people having one sort of stress or the other. But the irony of the fate is that in most cases some highly appealing stress management techniques too fail to control high blood pressure.

This can be assumed in that situation that though stress has association with high blood pressure but it is not the only cause. Various other factors too work in this that must be elaborated for better assessment.

Stress and Heart Related Diseases

According to research findings of medical researchers stress causes high blood pressure but not in all circumstances. A bit of stress is acceptable and good for health. But when stress becomes unmanageable you should expect the quid pro quo – having been stressed depicts in the form of high blood pressure.

It is common phenomenon though. Ironically when such situation occurs you also feel annoyed as the impact is severe on heart which invites other diseases. That is why one having too much stress may also have increased risk of heart disease. You can’t rule out such situations if your stress goes out of control.

Risk Factor

It should be borne in mind that stress causes many risks though it is not chronic disease. The diseases it causes are severe and problematic. You feel paralyzed if suffering from stress. As risk factor is high in stress you can’t rule out symptoms of high blood pressure due to it that causes heart attack and other diseases. It is true that there are other causes of high blood pressure too but unmanageable stress is the major reason that overpowers individuals with other symptoms. Your blood pressure becomes high the moment you are under the trap of stress. Situation becomes unmanageable hence timely control is the only option.


You may have applied the option to control stress but it becomes easy to control other symptoms. Avoid overeating and maintain proper lifestyle. If you can control stress do it because it will definitely control high blood pressure. Regular exercise proper diet would have better impact on health. You will feel satisfied that things are coming in order and your stress goes down in this process when you manage blood pressure too.

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