Is It Safe to Take Tylenol While Pregnant

Should you Take Tylenol in Pregnancy

Gynecologists advice pregnant women to take 2 tablets or 650 mg of Tylenol by maintaining gap of four hours if they suffer from pain in pregnancy. Take care of yourself and avoid taking aspirin after conceiving which is harmful unlike Tylenol. Remember such aspects minutely during pregnancy. Your gynecologist would suggest how to take Tylenol after keeping other factors in consideration. Avoid self medication during pregnancy for your own safety.

There is no harm in taking Tylenol in pregnancy but consult your doctor before taking Tylenol if you are expecting. These medicines are best for various pregnancy related pains. But make sure that they are not taken over the counter. Note the fact that you have to maintain your own health and are equally responsible to keep your unborn baby safe. It is therefore crucial to take special care of yourself. You can take Tylenol but make sure that they are prescribed by a doctor.

Medication and Pregnancy

Medicines like aspirin etc are often prevented during pregnancies. They may cause blood clotting problems that would ultimately create tougher phases for you while you will face labor and would give birth to your baby. Similar is the case with ibuprofen medicine. They too shouldn’t be taken until advised by the gynecologist. Wrong medication may spoil whole pregnancy phase especially if due date is near.

Why Tylenol?

Your gynecologist would always guide you about selection of medicine you make during pregnancy period. Your doctor may prescribe Tylenol if you are suffering from fever in pregnancy. But make sure that dosage is appropriate. Taking 2 tablets or 650 mg of Tylenol every 4 hours would do well. Be sincere in following the approach in selecting medicines. Give special focus at the labels of Tylenol while buying. These medicines come in different brands. Some may contain ingredients that create problem during pregnancy. It is therefore important to check them minutely and take Tylenol only when they are prescribed though they have least side effects.

Minimal Side Effects

Plus point with regular Tylenol is that they don’t have side effect even when taken in pregnancy. But it can create problem for you if you take wrong dosage and are taking them in wrong combination. It should be well understood that Tylenol doesn’t create any harmful situation for pregnant women until and unless intake is proper. Same medicine would create difficulties and you may encounter worst phase if take them in undisciplined manner.

Important Facts

Do remember that whatever medicine you take it mixes into your blood hence affects the baby too. You should take care of everything including intake of Tylenol for the safety of baby. Experts suggest that one should avoid Tylenol in last phase of pregnancy but some also agree that taking them in proper dosage won’t harm you. Give priority to your health and ensure your unborn baby is not affected by medicines including Tylenol.

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