Is it a Crime to Get Pregnant in Teenage

Is a Teen Mother a Social Criminal?

The mental stability of a teenage mother is always at stake as she has to prove in every step of her life. Financially, socially or psychologically she has to fight back the trauma that would be burdening her. In such a scenario, her ever struggling self might compel her to think that over the question that is it a crime to get pregnant in teenage?

According to an eye opening report by Save the Children, annually 13 million children are born to women who are under the age of 20 out of which 90% are in developing countries.

The most horrifying fact of being a teenage mother is that the mother herself is a baby for her parents and she needs care from them. Then how can she take the responsibility of being a mother. This not only ruins her mental balance but also in many cases a teenage mother looses the support from the family which again makes her and her growing baby more vulnerable to stress. A young mother has to think over all factors before she actually decides to bring the innocent life to this earth. Studies reveal that although some of the teenage mothers had dropped from school after being pregnant, but after their delivery almost 80% of teenage mothers never complete their graduation.

Many teenagers ignore the first signs of being pregnant that increase the complexities in their future both for the child and the mother. Common symptoms of pregnancy include missed periods, breast enlargement, breast tenderness, stomach cramping, vomiting and nausea.

Many teenagers tend to avoid these symptoms and get least bothered about them. But unfortunately they lately realize their carelessness when they feel the bay’s moments in around fifth month.


Teen pregnancies not only target the mother but also influence other younger siblings. Studies show that in a family where instances of teen pregnancy are raised, the younger brothers and sisters gradually become more tolerant towards early marriage and sexual activities. They are more susceptible to sex crimes and high risk behaviors.

The condition of teenage mothers is more stressed by the attitude of the society where they live. However modern be a society, still it shows solitary attitude towards a teenage mother. This even adds to the problem of a teenage mother. Instances rise again and again that make her realize that indeed she has committed a crime and has to pay a heavy price for it. As a result of which a feeling of guilt is accompanied by stress and depression.


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