Laser Surgery for Kidney Stones

Information about Laser Surgery for Kidney Stones

As of the moment, there are already varieties of laser surgery for kidney stones. These surgeries are said to be one stop. This means that the stones will be removed in just one click, unlike using medications which will take too long. If you are interested with this, you must read this article since this focuses on the information about laser surgery for kidney stones.

Laser surgery is intended for positive results. But still, you have to learn some of the information regarding the laser surgery for kidney stones. Being aware of such treatment is always an advantage.

Background on Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are developed because of the wrong practices in the eating habits of the affected person. Specifically, there are kidney stones that are made up of calcium. You can therefore conclude that the main cause of this is over ingesting of foods rich in calcium. In terms of the size of the stones, this usually varies. There are some that are just as small as a grain of rice but there are also some that are as big as marbles. The smaller types of stones can still be relieved by diuretics. On the other hand, the larger ones require surgery. There are things that you have to learn concerning the operation.

  • Does this cause pain?
  • Operating team and information on the procedure
  • What to expect after the procedure

Does this cause Pain?

The modernized way of eliminating or crushing kidney stones makes use of the power of laser. There are a lot of people who are thinking that this provides great deal of inconvenience to the affected person. This is certainly a misconception because in kidney stone laser surgery, this is painless. In addition to that, the procedure is just very simple. The person to be operated here will be under general anesthesia.

Operating Team and Information on the Procedure

The operating personnel that will do the operation consist of a surgeon. This is the doctor that specializes in the kidney stone operation. The team is also comprised of the scrub nurse as well as circulating nurse. These professionals provide assistance to the surgeon. In addition to that, you may also find anesthesiologist in the operating room. There are also auxiliary people involved in the operation. Kidney stone laser surgery makes use of uteroscop which is penetrated in the urethra then to the bladder until it reaches the ureter. By the time that the stone is already found, the instrument will provide shock to it. The stones will be broken down into smaller pieces and can be passed out via urine.

What to Expect After the Procedure?

After the procedure, there is a certain part of the tube that is being left in the site of operation. This instrument is usually called as stent and is left in place in order to promote faster healing process of the organ involved. However, stent is indicated if the stone is located at the middle or at the lower portion of the ureter. It is expected that the urine that will pass to the newly operated person is pink tinged. This is due to the damaged nerve endings brought by the operation. Medication is ordered after the surgery.

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