Leg Muscle Cramping

Treating Muscle Cramps

Leg muscle cramping is a common problem seen among not just the adults but sometimes in children also. It increases in pregnancy, diabetes, and those suffering from anaemia, thyroid. Though treating muscle cramps is possible at home but sometimes seeking medical help is also required. You need to exercise a bit, including stretching the calf muscles regularly to prevent future cramps.

When a muscle or a group of muscles of the leg get contracted, it may lead to leg muscle cramp. These are extremely painful and basically occur among the elderly people. Due to excessive pressure on the legs or due to heavy workout, getting cramps in the legs is a common phenomenon. But if they continue for long periods of time then they may be a symbol of chronic disease which might have occurred in the motor neurons.

Causes of Muscle Cramping

The disease may assume alarming proportions during pregnancy, and the patients suffering from hyponatremia. People who have diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Anaemia, Thyroid and various endocrine disorders too are likely to suffer from the same.

There is no specific cause of the leg cramp. It basically occurs due to the contraction of certain muscle fibers. But if the cramps are basically restricted to just one of the muscle then it may be a sign of nerve root disease.
The cramp may last from a few seconds to a few hours, but if left untreated may become chronic also. The result is the hardening of the cramped muscle. The cramp sometimes occurs in just one muscle and sometimes it may include a group of muscles. Though basically it is the elders who suffer from cramps but sometimes even small children may also suffer from the same.

Nocturnal muscle cramps are also very common among the aged people. These cramps may occur because of the muscles are over exerted, if you have a flat feet, you have been sitting for a long period of time and that too in an inappropriate position.

Preventing Muscle Cramps

If proper care is taken then surely it is possible to prevent the muscle cramps since it is believed that sometimes they occur because of unhealthy diet or due to the lack of certain essential minerals and vitamins in our body. It is essential that the elderly people take potassium, sodium and magnesium regularly in their diet. You need to stretch your calf muscles as much as possible at least once a day. You may also apply heating pads or ice packs to your calf muscles if the pain is severe. Walk on the affected leg and then try to elevate it.

Sometimes dehydration is said to be one of the basic causes of leg cramps. So never let yourself be dehydrated. Keep drinking lots of fluids which may include fruits juices, sports juices. These will keep your body hydrated.

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