Leg Muscles and Tendons

Guide to Tendons Injuries and Prevention

Tendons are basically said to connect the muscles with the bones. It is a person’s bones which are primarily responsible for walking, running, jumping, lifting etc. so they occupy a very important place. Leg muscles and tendons are thus linked to each other. Here is a guide to tendons injuries and prevention.

Legs form one of the most important part of human body since they carry the entire burden of our body, they are built anatomically in such a way. It is often a common phenomenon that you may suffer from leg pain at one point of time or the other. This happens primarily because of a lack of adequate diet which needs to consist of good amount of potassium, sodium, magnesium or if they are strained a lot. Sometimes improper exercises may also be a cause of the same.

Relation of Legs and the Tendons

So for the legs to effectively run and carry forward the work it is very much essential to have a basic knowledge of the leg muscles and tendons. Tendons serve as a connecting link between the two and without them the legs will not be able to move in the way as they do. Keeping in view the importance of tendons it is important that you keep them healthy and strong.

Tendons are inserted into the bones or the cartilage with the help of small spikes which are known as ‘Sharpey’s fibres’. Tendons serve as a connective tissue.

In the calf muscles it is the calcaneal tendon which is pulled when the calf muscles are contracted, this helps you to move, run and walk. These muscles are able to bear around 12 times a body’s weight but in case of over straining and improper exercise there are possible causes that they wear down. Tennis leg is a condition which arises in such a situation. This happens when the strain on the ankle is too much due to vertical jumping, side leaping. Yet another problem which may arise is the Achilles tendonitis- this happens when the calcaneal tendon is under excessive stress accompanied by strain.

Even a small change or complication in the tendons may lead to leg cramps or leg pain. The situation basically occurs with the athletes who have to be even more careful. Understanding the causes of leg pain in such a situation is very important, this can be done by analysing the symptoms of the pain like swelling, hardening of the muscles, bruising.

Preventing Injuries to the Tendons

In order to keep the legs healthy preventing injuries to the leg muscles and tendons is very essential. For this, they should be given more mobility and elasticity so that the bond between the ligaments and tendons enhances all the more. In case of injury give time to your muscles to heal properly. If problem persists consult the doctor.

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