Long Term Side Effects of Chemotherapy

What are the Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Short and long term side effects of chemotherapy always remain debatable topic before many medical experts around the world. The experts have often researched various elements for working out feasible options to suppress this factor. They know it completely that cure and prevention is possible if one suffers from long term impact. Seeing such factors none can deny that chemotherapy doesn’t have side effect like other drugs that have similar impact.

There is too much variation in side effects of different chemotherapy drugs. Both short and long term side effects of such drugs invite other set of problems which are painful experience though. It must also be noted that not all chemotherapy treatments have side effects. Some are completely safe from any such thing. When we talk of long term effects the main aspect that we need to look at sincerely is how chemotherapy treatments damage body cells through bifurcation. Long term side effects of chemotherapy needs serious understanding because carelessness may lead to extremely problematic conditions later.

Worst Impact:

Affecting normal course of action is the main constraint of chemotherapy treatment. This long term side effect occurs to the worst impact of chemotherapy on body and its functioning for the long term in which parts of the body can’t perform their normal activities due to the abnormal cell division. This worst impact can be felt in many aspects. One even fails to understand bad impact but very soon these factors come out clearly and one observes wrongdoing that would have impacted one’s body.

Possible Side Effects:

Though long term side effects of chemotherapy are noticed only after some time period but once they are noticed their severity can be easily measured. In most cases the effects are seen in mouth, intestines, skin, hair and bone marrow amongst others. Such are the common parts of the body that gets affected by chemotherapy treatments. If you understand such symptoms deeply you find that hair keeps growing uninterruptedly, so do one’s skin renew itself on constant basis. One feels certain lining in mouth and unavoidable digestive problem due to worst affect overpowering whole system.

Individual Vulnerabilities:

It is true that like most other cancer drugs chemotherapy too has side effects. Its long term side effects can’t be ruled out. None can ignore such impacts but there are many people who hardly feel them at any point of time. On the other hands some people face these situations without making any delay. Individual traits are therefore determinants due to the body metabolism which matters the most. Although most anti-cancer drugs have side effects, not everyone feel these effects.

Problems arising due to chemotherapy treatment are drug side affects. Even if they have long term impact they are curable. Such side affects overpower individuals due to some chemotherapy medicine. But gradually it looses impact and symptoms automatically stop or vanish.

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