Losing Weight with Diabetes

How to Keep a Check on Your Weight Loss in Diabetes

Losing weight with diabetes can be a difficult task. The most important thing is to know what you are eating. So maintaining a proper diet chart is essential. You need to know how to keep a check on your weight so as to control diabetes. You need to make certain changes in your lifestyle so that you are able to live with diabetes.

Controlling weight is an important step in treating diabetes since more weight can create various troubles amongst those suffering from diabetes. The people who suffer from diabetes type 1 and type 2 needs to be extra cautious while choosing the type of exercise. As they are at a greater risk of developing heart diseases so they cannot perform all types of exercises.

Performing Exercises

High intensity and low intensity exercises are the two types and they should be resorted to only when the doctor has said ok to it. People who are suffering from uncontrolled diabetes should not opt for strenuous exercises since they may strain the blood vessels of the eyes as well as feet. You also need to drink lots of water while undergoing such exercises. Avoid alcohol at all costs.

In type 2 diabetes being overweight can be harmful since it makes your body resistant to insulin. But losing weight can make diabetes easier to control as well as lowering high blood pressure and treating arthritis. In type 1 diabetes, increased weight can enhance the risk of retinopathy. So losing weight is a must. In order to do that, you need to have a greater control of what you are eating. You need to avoid all fattening foods like cakes, chocolates.
You need to take a balanced meal keeping in view your doctor directions. If you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes then it is quite easier to control diabetes. So you can contact a dietician who will give you a sound advice with regard to what to eat and what to restrict.

People with diabetes type 2, are often overweight and so it becomes difficult to control blood sugar level. They have to be very careful in choosing their diet or else the problem may enhance with the increase in sugar level. Losing weight can help you in managing your blood glucose level. For doing this it is not necessary to starve yourself rather you should be wary of certain emotional causes which might be the leading factors.

Setting Goals for Losing Weight

For losing weight set realistic goals- like going on a walk everyday for at least 30 minutes, help yourself in recognising your success areas and the obstacles which might be hampering your way to success, stick to meal plan which has been approved by the dietician, make a schedule of checking your weight and blood glucose level.

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