Low Blood Pressure Due to Depression

Depression Leads to Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure due to depression has been found in a number of researches. The researchers have found a close relation between the two. Studies reveal that depression also leads to low blood pressure. People who suffer from low BP also become very lethargic. This situation if continues for over a longer period of time may further lead to depression.

Various studies are being connected to find out the causes of low blood pressure have found out a relation between low blood pressure and depression. People who suffer from depression and anxiety might suffer from low BP also.

Relation of Low Blood Pressure and Depression

People with low BP may suffer from depression owing to the large number of medications they are forced to take. But studies have also conducted that low blood pressure and depression might be because of some similar factors as well. This may be the case when there occurs a malfunctioning in the metabolism that are responsible for increasing or decreasing levels of metabolites. Changes in the hormones or neutron transmitters might be just some of the other factors which may be responsible for both low blood pressure and depression.

More importantly, low blood pressure is often accompanied with dizziness, tiredness and lethargy and thus the person who has low blood pressure may not feel well, become somewhat aloof from the rest of the world and thus may be depressed. Such people also find it difficult in holding their concentration at one place. There memory may also become loose. In a certain way, doctors also predict a two way relation between depression and low blood pressure. Since those who have low blood pressure are likely to become depressed and those who are depressed for a considerable longer period of time may develop low blood pressure.

On the other hand, high blood pressure has been linked to anxiety in the researches. This happens because of the stress level being experienced by the anxious people.

Factors Causing Low Blood Pressure and Depression

Various factors are responsible for low blood pressure like dehydration, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, sweating. But there are some other factors due to which depression and low blood pressure may arise- these may include excessive intake of alcohol, severe anxiety or phobia, low levels of potassium in the body. Apart from this adrenal disorders too are responsible for the same.

It is important for people who have been depressed for long to get their blood pressure checked. They may also be feeling lethargic and dehydrated, so such people should opt for tilt table test to check whether they have postural hypotension. If the results of the tests come positive then it is high time to go for complete and proper tests done. You need to immediately consult your doctor.

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