Low Blood Pressure and Shortness of Breath

Shortness of Breath Linked With Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure and shortness of breath are associated with each other. People, who suffer from any kind of pain in the breath, must be careful enough. They should not neglect it any cost. Shortness of breath linked with low blood pressure as it is one of the symptoms of low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure can be a very scary thing for most of the people. It may occur when the supply of oxygen to various organs of the body has been restricted because of the malfunctioning of the various body mechanisms. It is also called as hypotension. You need to be specifically concerned with the symptoms of low blood pressure, which if not checked and corrected on time can prove to be fatal for you.

How Shortness of Breath may Occur

So the best thing is to be aware of the various symptoms of low blood pressure, and the most important in these being shortness of breath. Persons who suffer from low BP may have difficulty in breathing which is also called as dyspnea. The situation occurs when there is difficulty in the flow of blood to the brain. This may further get aggravated and the person may even start to suffer from chest pain. This is one of the most common symptoms of low blood pressure. There are a number of people who do not regard low blood pressure as an alarming situation as the high blood pressure. But even hypotension can be life threatening, since inadequate amount of oxygen is being received by the brain.

Symptoms of low BP

There are a number of other symptoms of low blood pressure. These may include- dizziness: whenever you feel dizzy the best thing is to stay calm as much as possible. This is accompanied by a feeling of physical imbalance and uneasiness.

Fainting: is yet another symptom of low blood pressure. If a person falls on the ground chances are that he might be suffering from low blood pressure because the supply of oxygen to the brain has been restricted. Sometimes there occurs light headedness and the person feels as if he is floating. You may start to feel weakness from within, your entire body may feel dull and weak, there may be palpitation accompanied by chest pain. If any of the above mentioned conditions are present it is better to consult the doctor at the earliest.

With regard to the shortness of breath, if it becomes prolonged and continues for over a longer period of time then it is high time that appropriate medical attention is taken. You may suffer from shortness of breath at the time of rest, when you are performing various activities or exercises, when you lie down on bed, sometimes breathing problems are also associated with chest pain, sweating, unusual fatigue, persistent cough.

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Name: Dora

I think I have low blood pressure .I'm always out of it, sleepy And week. my lips just started to be super dry and I feel that I cant bread rite . i'm 29yrs old thin and I'm also anemic .what do I do to get better? also my body shakes alot and my heart beeps really fast, can't fall sleep fast but when I do I can't wake up I sleep like 9, 10 hours every night .

Name: Sri

I have low bp which is ignorable (don't remember numbers) Sometimes very rear I feel shortness of breath and dizziness. My tows feel numb very easy. I do weekly two days 20 min. of tread mill exercise. What I should do to recover from these? My age is 52. Female. I weigh 110 lbs. 4.11 height. Thanks a lot for your time and help.

Name: bev

I too think i am suffering with this, i know i have low blood pressure but recently i've felt tired all the time, and i have a shortness of breath and tightening around my neck and chest. I always have cold hands and feet and become dizzy doing the simplest of tasks i've also had really light periods lately (no more that 2 days)! i'm only 27 and worried its more than just low blood pressure. please help :(

Name: Enamae McKenna

I am 33 yrs and constantly my blood pressure is low have chest pains shortness of breath, and my left hand hurts sometimes. I have three kids by C-section 2 yrs apart and I do two jobs does this have anything to do with my low blood pressure.

Name: Kaku Shirama

I am wondering if I have low blood pressure. I am 13 and I often get headaches, and shortness of breath at random times. My fingers and toes are always cold, and my feet are often pale after wearing close-toed shoes. A lot of times my temperature is 35.3-35.9 and I often feel cold. Sometimes my chest hurts when I am in a closed space for more than 2 hours. Do I need to check with a doctor? Please help!

Name: BJ

People with BP under 100/60 need to be treated with Florinef 0.5 mg daily. They will feel so much better. One reason for a low BP is hypoaldosteronism and that can be tested with a lab test for aldosterone levels. Other symptoms are anorexia, muscle wasting particularly proximal muscles which are the upper arms and thighs, low blood sugar, and maybe even diminished hearing and vision due to drying of the vitreous humor of the eye or fluid of the inner ear. The blood shunts to the vital organs when there is low BP so constipation results. Patients feel dizzy, faint, and weak with little stamina and sleep excessively long hours and can barely stay awake. There isn't enough glucose to the brain and the thinking is slowed. Inadequate blood flow and low blood glucose are not compatible with a quality life. Patients with low BP need to find an MD that will address the underlying problem.

Name: Isaac

I suffered from this for long but some people are obsessed with only homeopathy.

Name: becky D

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