Low Blood Pressure in Teenagers

Treating Teenagersí Low Blood Pressure

According to various medical researches and investigations teenagers must have their blood pressure in the 100-145 range which is the systolic blood pressure. If the case is so then it is considered normal. But in case the level goes down at 60-95 it becomes an issue of diastolic blood pressure that is great cause of concern for them. Reason of low blood pressure is many. Worst impact is realized in teenagers.

Medical researchers often explore reason why blood pressure in teenagers goes down rather than remaining normal. Dehydration is one major reason. Interestingly low blood pressure is not considered disease by medical practitioners. As age related volatile attitude is common in adolescents they may have low blood pressure without any concrete reason. But the impact of low blood pressure in teenagers has become so important that we face changed perception. Low blood pressure is highly disturbing now. Also called hypotension, low blood pressure creates sever problems in youngsters.

Unique Features

Though commonly found in teenagers low blood pressure also has several positive effects on the life expectancy of people. Interestingly low blood pressure doesn’t cause any serious problem in teenagers in initial stages hence there are countless youngsters who suffer from it but don’t realize whether they are suffering or not. Its impact is realized on later stages. The situation turns worse when teenagers start suffering from circulatory problems. It happens due to not tracing the level of low blood pressure at right moment.

Symptoms and Side Effects

Though side effects of low blood pressure in youngsters are many most common one is feeling dizziness and lifelessness. Some common symptoms of low blood pressure is feeling tirelessness, lethargic, hands and feet getting cold and body becoming pale etc. Medical reasons and side effects of low blood pressure is eruption of several diseases such as insomnia, sweating, palpitation, tinnitus, rapid pulse and et al. Such are the side effects that make low blood pressure chronic. Though it is not a disease but other diseases that dominate teenagers due to low blood pressure leave worst impact on them.

Prevention and Cure

Taking precautionary steps are major options for keeping low blood pressure in control. The issue becomes serious when teenagers suffer from typical medical condition. Various other diseases can have causal relation with low blood pressure. Such factors have to be understood in prevention. Many internal or infectious diseases become major reason of low blood pressure. Treatment of such diseases would treat low blood pressure too because once causal relation is understood and problem diagnosed other factors get controlled.

Prominent internal diseases that cause low blood pressure is blood loss and bleedings that causes low blood pressure. Wrong medications or improper treatment, pregnancy and excessive lifestyle, consuming alcohol and smoking are some reasons that cause low blood pressure in teenagers.


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Name: sharavana n

thank you a lot for the information and would you give more tips to prevent low bp

Name: waseem

My daughter is 17 years old her blood pressure stays low all the time normally 80 / 60. She is physically normal have no health problem. Low blood pressure do not bother her. Is there any thing to worry about?

Name: Bonnie

my son had his blood pressure taken on Friday, it was 98/57 is this normal for a 15 year old boy.

Name: ardiana

I measured blood presure to both my sons today and they both had very low BP. The younger one who is 11 has the range 90-75 and the older 14 and half had the range very close 80-70 ?? Should I be worried ? What I should do to increase it normally without medication? thank you

Name: linda mcallister

My 17 year old daughter has low blood pressure and low iron. She has been fainting too. She is not pregnant and doesn't smoke. She does not drink a lot either. She doesn't have a heavy cycle or bleed a lot. What can I do to raise her blood pressure without medication?

Name: shannon ventura

my daughter has been checking her blood pressure and it has been 108/56 . She does often feel dizzy and lightheaded and looks tired. Is this ok bllod pressure or should I be worried?

Name: Kiri Diamond

My son has regularly a blood pressure of 80/55, and has had glandular fever in the past and this year is still having a showing of epstein barr in his bloods. Do they effect each other and what can I do to help him with his lethargy, and moods.

Name: Christopher Cochran

I am a 16 year old male with who does light exercises everyday to keep fit. I recently had my blood pressure taken and I am quite shocked with the results. It is 121/44. I feel completely normal. I have no issues, no diabetes, no dehydration. I definitely do not work out enough to get this low. I guess its just normal.

Name: jackie

my son is 13 year old and his blood pressure is 98/55 and he is tired and sometime its 98/61 after moving around and then sitting for like 15 mins befor i take it should i be worried

Name: Karina Suarez

My 17 year old daughter has been feeling dizzy and nauseous just recently and can't seem to get enough sleep. Her blood pressure fluctuates from 90/40 to 104/55. She is exactly between menstrual cycles. What can this be due to?

Name: christy kimball

my 14 year old son has low bp sometimes 80/46. yesterday he was just standing and carrying on a conversation with me and he passed out. is there any test i should have the doc run. or any more questions i could ask. we have done a ekg, upped his salt intake. he is 6ft tall weight approx 150. i am at a loss

Name: Kelly Florian

My 17 yr old son fainted today. He was complaining of feeling dizzy. I took his bp and it was 93/56 and his pulse was 56. Should I be worried or could he just be dehydrated?

Name: Angel

Hey, to answer everybodies questions. Take your kids to the doctor, let them run blood tests (for things like anemia). To raise their blood pressure, give them black tea with at least 3-4 teaspoons of sugar (add a slice of lemon since all that sugar can give headaches) if they are old enough to drink, scotch helps greatly. (can be poured into the tea). Dehydration is a cause, so keep them drinking plenty of water. I understand that parets always worry, but even when they faint, there is no cause to. Just keep them healthy and do the above, especially when feeling faint. I had low blood pressure and because it is so common among Russians my relatives and family always had a handful of tips. Happy tea time!

Name: Manny Cano (78/55)!

I am 16 years old and have a blood pressure of 78/55 and heart rate at 64!!!!! I do excessive workouts everyday and have been in sports my whole life. I drink plenty of water a gallon a day. Sometimes i feel lightheaded but only when i barley get up from sitting down for a long time.I always take my vitamins and well keep my health as my priority. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Name: Haris

hi... i am 18 years old... i've got this problem of low blood pressure a year ago... i've fainted at times and it causes infrequent thirst... i dunno what to do... its very embarrassing if i'm out with friends and i get fainted... i dont have any health problem its just that i get thirsty at unusual times eg sometimes its fine if i dont drink water for 3 to 4 hrs but sometimes i need water again and again... plz help me what should i do to make this thing go away from me forever...waiting for your REPLY.... thank you

Name: Nancy Woodward

My 16 yr old grandson has low blood pressure 90/50. He also has hand tremors and feels shaky and light headed a lot of the time. He only takes medication for acne. He doesn't drink pop. Only water. Any ideas what we need to do.

Name: Elpia

I'm a 14 year old girl and I have all the symptoms of low blood pressure. The only reason i researched it was when my dad touched my hand and realized how cold it was. He asked me to check the symptoms of low blood pressure and it turned out I have all the symptoms and they are pretty bad. I thought it was normal. What should I do? Call the doctor? Or hope and see if it passes?

Name: Isabelle

I'm a 13 year old girl and it turns out I have ALL the symptoms of low blood pressure and they are pretty extreme. I thought it was normal until my friend commented on how cold my hands are. I'm 100% healthy. I exercise about 15 hours a week (I'm in a professional ballet academy), I eat really healthy (I eat the right amount I'm supposed to, not more, not less) and drink all the water I'm supposed to. So why is my blood pressure so low and what should I do?

Name: Prince Abraham

Thanks a lot. It's totally correct I suffer from it exactly dizziness n all thanks...

Name: chandru

my son age 14 years having low blood pressure 80/54. Came to realise sometimes after coming from playing or from school he was telling his head is rotating for sometime. Then he will be ok. Rest all physically ok. Is there to worry ? kindly suggest. When it will get cured.

Name: kathie cook

My 17 year old son has dizziness spells and has on one occasion passed out he is healthy and active but drinks three to four cans of Pepsi a day. I had him tested for diabetes. And test was negative

Name: Anon

Hi I'm 14 and I've been diagnosed with raynauds syndrome and hypomobility, I've been recently been having these black outs and this happens every time i make a movement or a sudden movent I been to my gp and he said that my blood pressure is 46/80 which is apparently half of what it is supposed to be

Name: Misty

I had very low bp when I was a kid and my doctor recommended I drink a coke at breakfast. Kinda crazy, but it helped :)

Name: Carla

Hi, I am 15 years old and diagnosed with raynauds syndrome and I have low iron. I went to the dr's and I also have low blood pressure. The doc told me to drink more water and I do but I still feel faint, dizzy, lightheaded and very tired. I can sleep more in the middle of the day. My mom says I look pale a lot too. I'm scared and need to know how to make it increase.

Name: shafer curry

hi i am 15, i have felt dizziness and felt weak i was thinking could this be my blood pressure getting low how do i bring it up i drink water and i go outside mostly everyday

Name: Sachin Singh

I'm 19 year old boy from previous two years my BP is kept always very low .from this I feel very lazy and weak . Everytime I fell that there will be no enough power itself I follow all medical advice but this problem of BP neither be solved

Name: Rahaman

My son aged of 14 years he is suffering with low bp. first time notice on 29.10.2017 at evening 5.30 (same time he suffering with light fever) 2nd time on 31.10.2017 at 1.00pm in class room. he get sweat at the time his BP is 80/60. after one hour we took him hospital his BP is Normal 120/80. please suggest me, what is reason,

Name: MIranda

im 14 years old ill be 15 next month but i am worred because my blood pressure is 98/81 and yesterday when i was at the doc's office they got worred because my heart rate kept dropping.

Name: Cheryl

My son is twelve never Iíll always well but over the last six months has been feeling dissey after him asking to be referred to the doctors three time I finally Booked the appointment out of the blue I wasnít too concerned until he called me after school and said Mum I need to go doctors it happened twice in school and itís not normal I called the gp she see him and the consult at the uch said she wanted to see him the next day he has now been reported to great ormand street to carry out more tests. As I said my son is to me amazing and look what heís going though I talk to my son about everything good and bad and am so glad I do as this is what bought me here. A healthy 12 year old boy captain of his team yet so upset about whatís going on love them all😋

Name: umy Abia

Yes my son is 13 years old, and he passes out whenever he is getting a hair cut, either when he is standing, he iron is low and his BP taken today was 90/40 with pulse of 55. Help needed , we have done blood test for thalassemia..., do not know what else to think about.

Name: Angie

My son whoís turmimg 16 next month have a blood pressure of 102/59 with Pulse rate of 77. We checked from a pharmacy and it says that it is in optimal range. But as I checked on internet, the min for 14-19 year olds is 105/73 and max is 120/81. Does that mean that my son has a low blood pressure? Do I need to worry?

Name: Abbey

I'm 15 and I'm always cold in my feet and always get dizzy, like always to where I tend to fall to the ground. I often feel lifeless, and tired,lightheaded and very tired. I can sleep more in the middle of the day. last time I checked (witch was sunday) my blood preausre was 100/75, should I be worried?

Name: Abhijit bose

My daughter aged 15 has bp 94/48. She always feels sleepy and depressed and has very fast heart beat at times. What can be done to cure her

Name: Saf

My frnd had low bp the doctor was going to add trips to him???is it normal only know???my frnd age was15..plzzz rply anybody.how we recover from this????plzz

Name: Saf

My frnd had low bp with fever also in103 degreee...plsssss help me...how to recover from this???? Plsss help me how to recover from this???

Name: Gowhar ahmad

I am suffering from low bp i m 16+ years old please

Name: isha

im a 17 year old girl and my bp is 84/63 im concerned

Name: Viviana

i am 14 years old and i got very dizzy today and i have a bp of 97/66 my school nurse says i have low blood pressure but my mom tells me iím fine...Am I?

Name: shyam

Sir my son age 14y his pulse rate is between 85 to 95 during normal . Heart beat fast . What my be the reason

Name: Julie

Sons blood pressure is always low 85/65 one time it was 60/40... drs donít seem worried about it.. he had been standing for a period of time and got dizzy and slumped down said people were talking to him he tried to answer but couldnít talk.. drs again donít seem to be worried.. he does have Ehlers Downlos. Hypermobility

Name: Ayesha

My daughter is 16 years old yesterday she has 80/46 b.p but she has normal feelings but i am thinking its not good its too low hear rate was 102 what i should do at home?

Name: Maxine

My 14 hr old grandsonís BP is 98/53. He is slim, about 5í4Ē. He seems healthy, but doesnít eat a whole lot. He is very active. Dr said that pressure is good, but seems low to me. Should we be concerned.

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