Lung Cancer Biopsy

Prefer Lung Cancer Biopsy for Minute Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Important feature of lung cancer biopsy is its ability to remove tiniest lung tissues which are viewed by microscope. Biopsy is performed uniquely in the supervision of experienced doctors. Tissue samples depend upon the cause and overall condition of patients.

Advanced pathological tests are of paramount importance. Lung cancer biopsy is one of them that helps one know the possibility of pulmonary fibrosis in lungs. Lung biopsy is also recommended in chronic pneumonia at its peak. This test helps in checking suspected lung cancer. Major role played by it is to evaluate abnormalities investigated by other tests like chest X-ray or CT scan. Lung biopsy is extreme step taken by the doctors when other tests fail to identify the lung diseases.

Written consent of patients is taken by the doctors before starting lung cancer biopsy hence asking exact requirement of this test and the risks involved is mandatory.

No doubt lung cancer biopsy resolves the issues minutely by giving perfect result. Take your doctor in confidence before having this test and make the doctor aware about you taking other medicines. You may not feel comfortable with anesthetics or are allergic to some medicines. Make your stand clear prior to signing consent. Pregnant women or those having bleeding problem and or taking aspirin should avoid lung cancer biopsy.

Prior to starting lung cancer biopsy doctors prescribe certain blood tests like complete blood count (CBC) and bleeding tests to ensure that patient is fit for the test. Precautionary steps are to be taken through discussions. Doctors advise patients not to eat or drink anything at least six hours before this test is done. Obey the instructions of doctor to prevent future problems.

Biopsy Categories And Test Procedure: Light instrument named bronchoscope is inserted in the airway through mouth or nose for removing lung tissue samples in the bronchoscope biopsy. Similarly long needle is inserted in chest walls in needle biopsy process for getting lung tissue samples. Needles are guided to trace exact location by computed tomography scan, ultrasound or fluoroscopy in this process. In the case of open lung cancer biopsy doctors make surgery through doing an incision between the ribs for procuring the lung tissue sample.

This process is, though, perfromed in the extreme stage when other lung biopsies fail to prove any result and or are not possible to perform. Such biopsies are done in those cases as well when larger piece of lung tissues are required for better diagnosis. As thorough physical examination is necessary before undergoing lung cancer biopsy, doctors would see the feasibility of particular category of biopsy after observing various reports. Doctors may select a particular category of biopsy which suits your condition and diagnoses lung cancer properly. Once biopsies are done tissue samples are sent for microscopic investigation.

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