Lung Congestion Symptoms

Symptoms of Lung Congestion

Symptoms of lung congestion if known at the right and appropriate time will help in getting rid of the problem at the right time; Lung congestion symptoms include difficulty in breathing, the person may have dry cough, or discoloured sputum, there might be chest congestion. You need to take certain home remedies for getting rid of it.

If there is any irritant present in the respiratory tract then there are chances that lung congestion might occur. It is a common problem but can be easily solved if you follow proper treatment. But the main problem is that most of the time, people might not be even aware that any such problem exists till it becomes a complex problem.

Symptoms of Lung Congestion

You may find it difficulty in breathing, you may not able to breathe in and out properly, it will appear as if you are running short of breath. You may be coughing or wheezing continuously.

You might be suffering from fever or chills for long period of time. There are also possibilities that your sputum might be discoloured. Some of the people suffer from continuous chest pain when they have lung congestion.

There are many who might be having pain in the heart, or may even develop swelling around the ankles. You may even start to feel that your chest has become tight. You may have a very smelly cough.

You may even find it difficult to breathe. There might even occur pain in the abdomen, you may even have dry cough as yet another symptoms.

Treating Lung Congestion

You can get your lung congestion cleared only with the help of effective medicines or through natural means also. This will help the mucous to get reduced and come out which otherwise was accumulated in the respiratory tract.

Before you begin the treatment you need to know the exact cause of lung congestion, whether it is due to infection or due to particulate matter in the respiratory tract. Pollution too might be a factor responsible for the same.

One of the most effective ways to get rid of the lung congestion is to go for steam inhalation. This helps to loosen the thickened mucus and thereby can be quite beneficial in treatment of the lung congestion.

Remember to repeat the same at least twice or thrice a day. You can add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to the water or else chop some garlic pieces and add it to the water.

If you fail to get any relief from these methods it is advisable that you consult a good doctor and tell of your symptoms and the problems. He might ask you to undergo certain tests, in order to confirm that you are suffering from lung congestion and may give you medicines accordingly.

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