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Lupus is an illness that harms the immune system it can be moderate and can sometimes be unbearable. Common signs can be sores in the mouth, baldness or alopecia, chills or fever, extreme rashes, dizziness, looses weight easily, blurry eye sight, sensitive to sunlight and urine that includes blood.

Such illness can lead to fatality if not treated immediately, it is recommended that people experiencing symptoms of lupus must consult medical advised. Taking in medicinal drugs may help you recover from such sickness however there are side effects. Natural remedies are still the best option that a lupus patient can to do to prevent and stop the spreading of the disease.

There are certain foods that can worsen lupus and at the same time can cure them.

Make it a habit to include in your diet green vegetables and fruits per meal, food should be cooked with canola or olive oil instead of oil coming from unsaturated fats. Onion and garlic can boost the immune system. Avoid dairy products and meat, eat fish that are rich in omega 3 fatty acid as a substitute such as tuna, sardines and other cold water fish

It may be recommended to eat more vegetables and fruit but it should be taken lightly, lupus patient needs to consume smaller meals at a time.

Having an acupuncture schedule with a therapist is a lot of help, as it soothes and relieves body aches and provides better blood stream.

Regular exercise increases your body’s strength and by doing so, the sweat is being releases from the body and helps you flush out toxins through the skin.

There are herbal medicines that you can consider that will help you detoxify, cleanse and will also help you lessen lupus to generate in the body such as turmeric, eucalyptus, oregano, barberry, rosemary and parsley.

Total rest is required to regain strength, a complete 8 hour sleep is important to avoid being tired easily.

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