Manic Depression Symptoms in Adults

What are the Manic Depression Symptoms in Adults

Manic depression or bipolar disorders are mostly difficult to diagnose. In the occasion that the person is in manic state, the physician might diagnose him or her as manic or hyper. But when he crashes out and is depressed it can be clinically diagnosed as depression. That is why, it is very important to provide the whole medical history of the patient for accurate diagnosis.

Understanding Depression

Understanding this condition can give you a deeper knowledge and information that is associated with it.

  • What is Depression?

    Depression is a certain type of medical condition that could trigger a wide array of physical and psychological symptoms. One of the most obvious symptoms is severe sadness. It may be characterized from occasional blues as well as grief for the reason that depression is lasting, which usually can interfere with the person’s relationship and activities. In the past, this condition was weakly understood and carries an ill-fated social stigma. On the other hand, depression happens normally. It means everyone, children and adults, can experience depression at certain time of their life.

  • Is manic depression treatable?

    Luckily, yes manic depression is a treatable disorder. Drug therapy, psychotherapy or counseling as well as other types of treatments can lessen the symptoms and help individuals with depression to have a more productive life ahead. In most cases, people with depression who are willing to get well and recover are successful in these treatments.

  • Depression Causes

    Many studies and research helped illuminate the complex basic foundation of depression, even though the precise cause of depression is still unsure. Research has implied that depression can be the result of neurochemical imbalances in the brain such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. As you know, these neurochemicals allows the cells to work altogether in order to have right function of the emotions, memory, sensation and movement.
    Symptoms of Manic Depression

Extreme sadness is one of the clear signs and symptoms of depression, even though depression could also cause some physical and psychological symptoms. The characteristic of depression is the symptoms that are persistent that can hinder everyday activities and relationships. Basically, the symptoms of manic depression in adult are separated into types of depression.

Major depression

This type of depression may be rule out if the patient has five or more symptoms discussed below. An individual can have extreme or major depression, mild and moderate depression.

  • Frequent thoughts of suicide or death
  • Poor concentration and indecisiveness
  • Feeling of guilt or worthlessness
  • Loss of energy or fatigue
  • Frantic or very slow movements
  • Excessive sleep or insomnia
  • Significant weight gain or weight loss
  • Reduced pleasure or loss of interest.

According to, apart from the psychosocial and medication treatments, which should be received by the patient, the parents, family members and friends of the patient are also educated about the condition of their love one. This will help them understand the condition and able to be aware.

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