Multislice CT Scanner

Benefits and Limitations of Multislice CT Scanner

Multislice CT scanner has revolutionised the entire field of medicine. It is a greatly advanced technology which has made possible the visualisation of the diseases accurately and at a faster pace.

Though there are benefits as well as limitations of the Multislice CT scanner but it has helped the radiologist to view the bones, organs and blood vessels with a minute detail.

Multislice CT scanner is a new imaging technique which paves way for the faster treatment and diagnosis of the diseases. It is able to provide clear images and that too at a faster pace which makes it even more favourable for use. It takes less time than the traditional spiral CT scan and this is the reason why it is so much in demand today.

The technique is effective even in treating trauma patients or those with head injuries. It is also used for the treatment of lung cancer and for detecting blood clot in pulmonary arteries. It helps in analysing the entire body organs, even the minute ones within a few minutes and gives visually rich images, so it becomes easier to see all the internal injuries and diseases.

Benefits of Multislice CT scanner- The Multislice CT Scanner generate images at a faster pace than the traditional scanner. It is able to capture around 4 slices within 0.5seconds which is faster than the old scanners which were able to generate only one slice per second. The other benefit is that it uses less contrast material, the rotation speed of the scanner is 50- 80% greater than the conventional ones.Now it has become possible to do angiograms with the help of CT scanners and there is no need for inserting a catheter as well. Thus it takes less time and is less expensive.

Uses of Multislice CT scanner- With the help of this technology, it has now become possible even to reconstruct any of the hollow structures of the body like oesophagus and thereby look into the organ where the problem lies. The technique also helps in examining cancerous cells more clearly and thereby determine how much the cancer has spread inside the body, it also helps in accurate imaging of the coronary arteries and thus analyse the possibility of a blockage in the coronary arteries.

In order to find out whether coronary artery diseases is present inside the body or not, the test can be used successfully but on the negative side it cannot determine the entire coronary arteries, it can evaluate only 71% of the important segments.

Limitations of Multislice CT scanner- To undergo Multislice CT Scan, it is important for the patient to have a regular heart rate and it should beat at 60-70 beats per minute. The patient should be able to hold his breath for at least 15 seconds. In case he suffers from allergy of the dye he must tell the physician beforehand. Those patients who have calcium deposits may not be able to have visually clear CT scan of the coronary arteries. The scanner also exposes patient to high radiations so health risk is also involved.

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