Narrow Angle Glaucoma Treatment

Tips to Cure Angle Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye ailment that damages the optic nerves of the eye, and one of its common types is the Narrow Angle Glaucoma. Are you looking for the treatments for Narrow Angle Glaucoma? If you want to be aware on its causes and to cure it with narrow angle glaucoma treatment, then you are now reading on the right article.

What Triggers Narrow Angle Glaucoma To Occur?

Narrow Angle Glaucoma is a typical type of glaucoma that usually strikes the eyes of a person. In fact, it is considered as a serious kind of eye disorder of which if not treated immediately can lead to permanent blindness, a reason why it is also known as “silent thief of sight”. Another term used for this disorder is Angle Closure Glaucoma, because the drainage angle in the eye closes that blocks the aqueous fluid, then damages the optic nerve causing the loss of vision. clearly describes that this type of glaucoma usually happens when the pupil (the part of the eye that allows light to pass through towards the retina) widens thus resulting for the drainage to close.
There are four possible causes for the Narrow Angle Glaucoma to takes place in the eye such as pupillary block, iris plateau, hyperopia, and tumor. The condition of hyperopia is commonly described as farsightedness and people having this eye disorder have bigger risks for the occurrence of narrow angle glaucoma, due to the fact that their eyes has shallower anterior chambers. Additionally, patients with tumor in the iris can also trigger for this condition because of the gradual changes on the constitution of the eye after a surgery. And also, the age of the person also a contributing factor since older people has larger lens on their eyes which narrowing the drainage angle.

Symptoms and Treatment of Narrow Angle Glaucoma

According to medical studies, it is almost 10% for this type of glaucoma is accountable in the United States, but there is a large number on Asian countries. One of the severe symptoms of the disorder is blurred vision because of the damage it can cause to the optic nerves. For sometimes, there are occurrences of redness in the eye as well as accompanied by severe pain. The patient might also see “halos” when focusing to lights. On its more severe cases, vomiting and nausea are also its symptoms which will cause discomfort to the patient. Once all of these symptoms are felt, it is advisable to see a doctor immediately to apply the necessary medication.

The following are the required treatment for narrow angle glaucoma:

  • Peripheral Iridectomy – This is a type of surgical procedure that uses laser technology to treat the disorder. By using laser, the purpose it to create another opening in the area of the iris so that the aqueous fluid can easily flow towards the drainage site.
  • Eye Drops Treatment – Aside from surgical procedure, the use of eye drops is also the best treatment to cure the disorder. Most eye drops used for the treatment contains prostaglandin-like compounds, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, beta-blockers, and cholinergic drugs. Although these are proven safe, due to its side effects it is advisable to have the guidance of a doctor.

For more details about the use of eye drops for the treatment, has more information about this subject.

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