Nasal MRSA Symptoms

Symptoms of MRSA

Symptoms of MRSA are known to differ from person to person as some of the person might be having painful sores on their body, there might be dry skin, coughing while other might suffer from dehydration and fatigue. Nasal MRSA symptoms may take a long time to show, sometimes even years.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, is a life threatening infection which is known to occur in the nose. This bacteria is known to be causing skin infection as well. It is known to occur in only a little section of the population across the world. Apart from this, the bacterium is also known to be responsible for causing pneumonia, food poisoning and sometimes blood poisoning as well.

Suffering from MRSA

At times the bacteria is known to affect other organs of the body like liver, heart and the urinary tracts. MRSA is becoming a global disease with more and more people getting affected by the same through the skin contact at different places like locker rooms, gymnasiums. Sometimes MRSA can occur in the sinuses as well and this might in turn spread to the nose also.

The symptoms of mrsa include hunger, dry skin, there is loss of hair. Sometimes the person may even feel dehydrated and there is fatigue also. In some of the cases it has been found that the person is having itchy eyes and itchy head also. Sores might also develop in the head. It has been seen that after the nasal surgery the symptoms might go away but if the surgery is not done in the right manner the symptoms might reoccur.

Symptoms of MRSA

Yet another symptom of mrsa are boils. Infection of the hair follicles, blisters also occur which might be in the colour of the honey. At times pus also develops in some parts of the body. Infection in the lymph glands might also occur which might lead to the area become red and swollen. It is known to be painful as well and hence the person suffering from it might feel tensed and painful from the same.

Mrsa is known to live sometimes in the nasal passage and so can be disastrous. Those people who are working in hospitals are said to be more prone to get this infection. Mrsa may live in a dormant stage and it is quite possible that for a larger number of years you can see no symptom of the same from occurring. It is known in late years that the symptoms come up.

Those people who have got this infection in the nose are likely get the infection in other parts of the body as well and hence great care is needed. It is essential that you try to get the treatment at the earliest before it could spread to other areas of the body since it could prove to be deadly.

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i am having chronic sinusitis in my nose and teeth. my turbinate's are enlarged and painful. i have a prosthetic hip and osteoarthritis. please help mr

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