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Nasal Polyps is a teardrop shape that grows in the lining of the nose that may cause swelling and irritation, their size may have an extensive growth if not treated immediately. They come in different color such as yellowish, gray or pinkish. Once fully grown it can be liken unto a grape that had been peeled that is attached in your sinus in a jelly like form.

Nasal polyps can block the air passage in the nose causing the person to have difficulty in breathing. This also affects your smelling capability thus cause blockage to your sinus that can also lead to sinusitis but it is not cancerous
Usual treatment for nasal polyps is surgery and injections however there are natural treatments that had been discover to take care of it at home such as prevention from drinking cold drinks, avoiding dusty environment, strong scented perfumes, cold air, avoiding foods that causes allergy and is advised to drink plenty of water and fruit juices.

One of the most effective remedy is garlic. It is consider as one of the best antiseptic or antibiotic for common illness. You can prepare a garlic juice and consume it at least once at day for better result. It may not be comfortable to your taste but it will provide immediate relief to your nasal polyps.

Another remedy to relieve congestion in the nose is through steam bath or by placing eucalyptus or menthol oil in a basin of boiling water. By inhaling the vaporized substance this will help you clear your nasal passage and help you breathe comfortably.

To remove substance that causes allergy in the nasal cavity you can use salt combined with warm water, placed it in a syringe remove the needle first and spray it slowly inside the nose, this method can help prevent the nasal polyps to develop.

Include citrus fruits in your diet that are rich in Vitamin C such as lemons and oranges this helps minimize nasal polyps allergens to develop and boost the immune system

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