Natural Anti Inflammatory Herbs

The Most Recommended Natural Anti Inflammatory Herbs

Inflammatory diseases either its acute or chronic should be treated at once to avoid further implications to the body and this can be done by applying natural anti inflammatory herbs as an alternative to the conventional medicines; but do you know what are the most popular herbs for the treatment? Here is the list of the best anti inflammatory treatment by natural herbs.

Anti Inflammatory Treatment by Natural Herbs as Alternative Medication

Most people have no sufficient idea why inflammation takes place in the body and the usual thing they understand is the fact that it is caused by infection. According to the website of, inflammation is described as the natural reaction of the body against infections and injuries, and a clear sign that the body is responding effectively to fight the harmful organisms which are damaging the tissues; this normal process is also called as the inflammatory response.

However, once there are irregularities on the immune system that hinders the production of the inflammatory mediators and natural chemicals like the cytokines and prostaglandins, this will result to the occurrence of chronic or acute inflammation as a host of numerous diseases such as the most common arthritis (an inflammatory disorder involving the synovial joints), severe types of cancer, or even the painful diabetes. As a result, to lessen the impact caused by inflammation like excessive pain and swelling with redness on the affected area, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of capsules are being applied as a treatment. Nevertheless, those conventional medicines that are widely available over-the-counter can be replaced by natural herbs (herbal medicine) as an alternative treatment to reduce the symptoms of inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatory Treatment by Natural Herbs

Herbal medicine (or folk medicine) is actually a traditional therapeutic practice using the natural herbs that produces natural extracts or plant chemicals which are vital for the pyotheraphy process to cure inflammation. These herbs are proven to be effective as natural treatment for inflammation especially to some autoimmune disorders that shows this symptom. Here are the suggested natural herbs that are commonly used to treat inflammation.

  • Ginger
  • This is the most traditional anti inflammatory herb which is being used in folk medicine. The Ginger tea is considered as an excellent treatment for inflammation that can be taken at least twice a day by the patient or with a dosage between 500 mg up to 1000 mg.

  • Turmeric
  • This herb is from the ginger family and the most common natural anti inflammatory herb used by many nowadays to reduce the symptom of inflammation incorporated on autoimmune disorders particularly arthritis. With a dosage of 400 mg up to 600 mg of its extract, the patient will take it three times a day or it can also be mixed on curried dishes.

  • Boswellia
  • This herb is popular with its fragrant resin as the best solution for inflammation because of its natural therapeutic anti inflammatory medication for numerous unwanted inflammatory conditions.

  • Bromelain
  • This enzyme is effective to cure fibromyalgia, and this can be found in pineapple. A 200 mg to 400 mg dosage is the right dosage that should be taken by the patient thrice a day.
    Additionally, it is still advised to consult a medical practitioner before taking the natural treatment for the correct dosages and to learn the possible side effects of the medication.

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