Natural Cure for Sciatica

Natural Treatment for Sciatica

Sciatica is characterized by severe pain felt within the region where the sciatic nerve lies. The person affected with this is usually suffering from severe discomfort because of the pain. So, if there is an instance that you feel this kind of pain, it pays to have an idea of how you can lessen the effects or possibly cure the condition.

Before you avail of the expensive medications as well as therapies intended for sciatica, you must learn first the natural remedies for this condition. These remedies will not allow you to invest high amounts because you can have easy access to these.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is considered as a general term referring to the pain felt in the lower region of the body. This usually starts in the lower part of the spine and radiating downwards. There are so many causes associated with this condition. One of the most common causes that lead to the occurrence of this condition is the application of too much pressure on the curve of the spine. Aside from that, awkward posture sustained for longer time is also a main cause of the occurrence of sciatica.


The most common treatment used in order to cure sciatica is hydrology. The main feature of this natural cure is to ask affected individuals to take a warm or hot bath. Most ideally, they should take some bath in a tub for not less than twenty minutes. If there is no available bath tub, warm shower will do. Warm or hot temperature has the capacity to relax the muscle in your spine down to your thighs where most of the pain is felt. Aside from that, it relieves you from muscle stress and dilates the nerves for easy blood flow.


Less intense exercises such as yoga are also natural cures for the condition. The main part of yoga exercise that is helpful in curing this condition is the stretching phase. Particularly, stretching that focuses in the knee and the chest as well as criss-cross exercise is the most effective in this condition. In stretching, the muscles are relieved from the tension. This tension is one of the factors that increase the intensity of pain. As you perform stretching exercises, see to it that you will also exercise proper breathing techniques in order to have proper oxygen supply to your system.

High Potassium Containing Fruits

Modifying the eating habit of the person with sciatica is also a suggested natural cure according to the doctors. According to studies, it was found out that potassium is helpful in reversing and treating the pain associated with this condition. Examples of the foods rich in potassium are oranges, apples, bananas and avocados. These are the food stuffs that must be present in each of the major meals that you eat. For example in the morning, you have to eat one serving of orange or apple. During lunchtime, add banana in your meal. In dinnertime, you must incorporate an avocado dish in your menu.

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