Natural Cure for Shingles Pain

Home Remedies for Shingles

There are various home remedies for shingles like using oatmeal soap on the affected area, applying ice packs too helps a lot. You can also keep a cold cotton towel on the area. All these are said to give a cooling effect on the area. Natural cure for shingles if used in the right direction will help a lot.

Shingles is known to be caused by the same virus which is responsible for causing chicken pox and hence it might leave the mark even years after. Blisters are known to occur all over the body and these are quite painful as well. The shingles pain is known to last in some cases for even years and hence it can be quite traumatic as well. However there is natural cure for shingles which can help you get rid of the pain as well as the blisters.

Treating Shingles at Home

You need to start with a fruit diet programme if you want to get rid of shingles. Make sure you are eating the right kind of foods as well. However you should avoid eating those foods which are said to be rich in salt, since salt is known to worsen the problem. Try to reduce your stress as much as possible. Stay away from stressful work as well be it at home or office.

What you wear also matters a lot and hence you should avoid wearing tight clothes or synthetic clothes which are known to produce heat. Try to wear clothes that are soft and loose, which doesn’t rub against your skin. Calamine lotion is said to be quite effective in treating the lesions and so you can always apply it on the affected area.

Home Remedies of Shingles

In order to get rid of the rashes of shingles, nail polish remover is said to be a good home remedy which you can try. Applying mint leaves on the affected area also helps a lot as it has a cooling effect and thus gives you relaxation from the pain of the shingles.

You can also mix ½ tsp of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of water and then with cotton you can apply it on the area where shingles is present. This will also have a good effect.

Oatmeal soap is said to be very beneficial for getting rid of lesions and hence can be applied. This has a positive effect as it is known to give a cooling effect on the sores.

You can also apply ice pack on the shingles if you wish, this too will give instant relief to you. Make sure you are doing it twice or thrice a day. You can also cover the affected area with a cool towel and this will also have a good effect on the shingles. Remember, to do this many times a day.

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Connected Shingles January 22, 2011, as of now I am still suffering from nerve damage or pain, I had the break-out in-on my left side of Buttock, so you can imagine that what ever I do I seem to sit on the nerves, any suggestions...Thanks

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