Natural Cures for Anaemia

Home Remedies for Anaemia

There are a number of home remedies for anaemia which if used in the proper manner will help you get rid of anaemia in the shortest possible time. Various natural cures for anaemia exists like taking honey with lemon and apple cider vinegar, taking balanced diet, eating more of vegetables and fruits especially apples.

If you are suffering from lack of blood in the body it implies that you are anaemic. It is a very common problem faced by people around the world. This happens when there is a sudden decline in the Red Blood Cells (RBCs) in the body. RBCs are primarily responsible for taking oxygen to the rest of the body via haemoglobin. So whenever there is a decrease in the RBC, it implies sufficient amount of oxygen is not being able to reach the body and hence in the absence of adequate blood the person becomes anaemic.

Suffering from Anaemia

The person who suffers from anaemia might feel weakness and feeling of dizziness might also surround him. The skin becomes dull and wrinkled. There are frequent headaches and the memory is also shortened. But Anaemia is not a cause of great worry and you can get it cured with the help of a number of home remedies as well.

Getting proper nutrients is very essential for your body and that too in the right direction. Make sure you are eating a proper nutrient filled diet which includes pastas, rice, dairy products. Try to include more of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Eating eggs and nuts is also said to help you improve your RBCs.

Home Remedies for Anaemia

Iron rich food is said to work wonders if you are anaemic, so try to include in your diet foods that are rich in iron like brown rice, oysters, brown flake, raisins, prunes. Once you eat these foods you will see a marked improvement in your blood level which will improve a lot.

Vitamin B 12 is said to be quite essential in not just improving the blood level but also in preventing anaemia. Try to include those foods in your diet which are rich in vitamin B12.

Taking sunbath is also said to be effective. Eating at least 3 figs daily is said to be very good remedy for anaemic person. Taking honey along with lemon or applecider vinegar is also said to be a good remedy for anaemic persons, take this daily as the first thing in the morning.

Indian Gooseberry which is an excellent source of Vitamin C is said to be very important remedy for treating anaemia. Opting for Yoga and various other meditation exercises is also beneficial.

Try to go for morning walks, regular body massage is also effective. Apart from this regular hot and cold water baths is considered to be effective in treating anaemia.

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