Natural Cures for Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus Natural Treatment

People by nature are always conscious of their health conditions. Since there are numerous illnesses, most of us are constantly evading some activities that may result to a certain severe health condition. This is the reason why you must also be aware of the natural cures for lichen planus.

This article primarily deals with the so-called lichen planus. As you go on reading, you will identify the numerous facts surrounding it together with the effective natural cures for lichen planus. This will greatly help in maintaining your healthy condition.

Definition of Lichen Planus

Lichen planus is a type of disease that commonly affects the tongue, oral mucosa and skin. It is a popular eruption described by polygonal shape, violaceous color and with fine scale. The disease is divided into two distinct parts. These are Annular Lichen Planus and Linear Lichen Planus. Both types include skin, tongue, mucosa and oral infections.
Symptoms and Signs of Lichen Planus

The symptoms and signs of lichen planus are greatly depending on appearances. It may appear on the skin, legs, mouth or nails. When your skin is concerned, appearances are firm, shiny and reddish. Sometimes, bumps contain small white lines and these are called Wickham’s striae. Skins on the legs frequently have thick patches and scaly skin. Bumps may sometimes become itchy and scratching itchy skin is not advisable. Moreover, once it appears inside your mouth, gums may peel and painful sores may also be experienced. If it appears in your nails, you will see grooves or ridges. Aside from these, thinning, splitting of nails and nail loss may also appear.

Diagnosis and Its Treatment

In just a simple glimpse, the dermatologist can easily distinguish if you have lichen planus. To verify its result, dermatologists will remove some bumps in your skin and it will be scrutinized. Sometimes, blood tests are required to ensure its accurate findings. As prescribed by the doctors, the following are some skin treatments. First is the so-called antihistamine. It is a type of pill that generally helps in alleviating skin itchiness. Second is the topical corticosteroid. It is a cream type or an ointment that commonly reduces redness and swelling. Third is through PUVA therapy. It is a light treatment that mainly helps in improving the skin complexion. Lastly is retonic acid. It is usually applied on the skin to lessen the thick patches and scaly skin.

Natural Cures for Lichen Planus

Lichen planus can be cured naturally. The first thing you need to do is through body cleansing. Bear in mind that through constant cleansing, germs and other viruses are removed. You will never feel any itchiness and other skin problems. Sweating is another way of cleansing your body. Aside from these, physical activities are also needed. They relieve stress and help in body balancing. Patients must also refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol. Spicy foods may also worsen the skin infections. Moreover, regular consultations to doctors are highly recommended.

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