Natural Cures for PMDD

What Are The Natural Cures For PMDD

PMDD or the Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is considered as a syndrome affecting more than 8% of females all over the world. Severe discomfort is usually associated with the presence of this disorder. Learn the available natural cures for PMDD brought by this article.

There are available natural cures for PMDD. These natural cures are safe and will not cause development of any adverse reactions to women. Aside from that, these cures are usually cheap as compared to the other treatment modalities that you can learn from medical institutions.

What is PMDD?

When speaking of PMDD or the Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, it refers to the group of signs and symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle phase called luteal phase. It was said that there is a notable pattern in the development of the PMDD. The symptoms of the disorder usually disappear when the menstrual cycle of the affected women starts. Most of the symptoms occurring in PMDD involve the emotion of woman. The relationship of the patient with other people around her is usually altered. Good examples of the signs and symptoms of PMDD are as follows:

  • Crying and mood swings
  • Sudden panic attacks
  • Sensitivity to criticism and rejection
  • Anxiety as well as tension
  • Possibility of suicide ideation
  • Deep despair and sadness

Avoid Too Much Intake of Fats

The first natural treatment for PMDD is modification of the eating habit of the affected women. There are studies which state that the increase in the intake of fats as well as foods high in cholesterol increases the level of the sex hormones in the human body. When the sex hormones are produced in great amounts, it will make the signs and symptoms of PMDD more intense. Another reason why fats must be avoided is because of the high content in hydrogenated chemicals. These are also substances which help enhance the signs and symptoms of PMDD.

Herb for PMDD

If there is presence of PMDD, there is a notable alteration in the neurotransmitter of the involved woman. There are natural herbs that you can utilize in order to reverse the effects of PMDD. One of which is St. John's Wort. This is a natural herb that is used in order to decrease the emotional symptoms of the PMDD. There are proven cases wherein using this herb will definitely lower the anxiety level of patient with PMDD. Increase in the intake of essential amino acids is also another way of treating the disorder.

Health Education

Since most of the signs and symptoms of the disease involve the presence of emotion related groups of signs and symptoms, it is essential to provide health teaching to the concerned woman. The content of the health education must focus on the reasons why PMDD is present. When you educate your patients, they will likely have the control of the emotional signs and symptoms of the disease. It is also a must that you have with you the family members of the woman affected to gain cooperation from them.

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