Natural Cures for Pancreatitis

Home Remedies for Pancreatitis

Are you experiencing problems on your pancreas and you wanted to learn the natural cures for pancreatitis? Acute and chronic are the two forms of pancreatitis that should be given enough attention; therefore by learning the home remedies for pancreatitis it would now be easy for you to overcome the problem and to bring back your normal life as it was.

Forms of Pancreatitis

The pancreas is an important organ of the digestive system, performing both endocrine and exocrine functions. It is located below the stomach near the left kidney and the spleen. Once the pancreas swells, it will cause problems and normally will result to disorder known as pancreatitis. Normally, there are two forms of pancreatitis that exist; acute and chronic.

Acute pancreatitis is a sudden attack of the disorder and only last for shorter periods. This form can easily be treated and the recovery is fast. Most cases of acute pancreatitis occur infrequently and can’t cause any conflicts in the future. People who have experienced the disorder felt a sudden pain on the upper part of the abdomen and may last for hours or few days.

On the other hand, chronic pancreatitis is the serious form of the disorder and requires immediate treatment as it causes severe damage on the organ due to the infection that worsen the problem. Unlike the acute form, this won’t resolve easily and lasts for longer periods until a treatment is applied. The worst scenario if the disorder left untreated is the occurrence of diabetes and other digestive disorders.

Main Causes and Symptoms of Pancreatitis

Generally, one of the main causes of pancreatitis, both acute and chronic, is alcoholic abuse or excessive intake of alcohol. If you consume too much alcohol and frequently experiences acute pancreatitis, it is better to stop it before it becomes chronic in form.

The other causes are:

  • Metabolic issues
  • Viral and bacterial infections
  • Obstruction of the bile duct
  • Swelling or tumor
  • Effect of duodenal and peptic ulcer that damages the pancreas
  • Pancreatic pseudocysts, cystic fibrosis, hyperparathyroidism, high cholesterol, and Sjogren’s syndrome (all of these are for the chronic form)

The symptoms of pancreatitis are abdominal pain and tenderness, vomiting, and nausea are common to both chronic and acute form.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Pancreatitis

Upon discovering the symptoms of the disorder, patients will undergo thorough physical examination plus stool and blood testing. ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) is also used to diagnose pancreatitis.
The website of has listed some of the best home remedies and natural cures for pancreatitis. This natural treatment can be applied even at home if you don’t have substantial budget for the surgery.

  • Olive Leaf Extract – The extract from this herb is the best anti-inflammatory agent in curing the swelling of pancreas.
  • Dandelion (Taraxacum) – The root from this plant supports on improved bile production as well as on the wellness of the pancreas.
  • Curcumin – This substance is found in turmeric herbs and known to cure swelling of the pancreas.
  • Supplements Intake – Supplements that has ingredients of L-glutamine, L-methione, selenium, silica, N-acetylcysteine, and probiotics should be taken to reduce the pain and restore the normal function of the pancreas.

Additionally, prevention is still the best solution to avoid the attacks of acute pancreatitis and this can be possible if you quit from drinking too much alcohol.

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