Natural Hair Treatment

Growing Hair with Natural Treatment

For people who only have limited budget, having a beautiful hair should not be expensive since there are many home remedies for each hair problem.

Here are few remedies to solve locks in distress:

  • Shampoo residue often happens when a person tend to use a single brand for a long period of time. To prevent this from happening, it is often advised to change shampoos once or twice a week. But when the residue had already built up, a vinegar solution can be applied to the hair. Prepare two tablespoons of dried rosemary and mix it to one cup of pure vinegar. Put the solution in a glass bowl and put it on the stove in medium-heat. Remove the bowl from the stove after two minutes. Using a spoon, mash the rosemary on the bowl’s side to release the juice. Sift the mixture and let it cool before applying it to the locks for two to five minutes and then thoroughly rinse it off using cold water. Take note, it is recommended to apply this mixture after the person has already shampooed his or her hair.
  • Hot oil treatments are often expensive, but there are kitchen ingredients that can provide the same result as those in the parlor. Prepare ¼ cup of soybean oil (olive oil can be a substitute) in glass bowl and place it on a larger bowl filled with hot water. Wait for few minutes until the oil is warm. Finger-comb the oil to the hair and gently massage it from the scalp to the locks’ ends. Leave the oil for few minutes and thoroughly wash it using shampoo. This method can be done once or twice a week in order to achieve a softer and shinier hair.
  • For people who have very sensitive scalp and is quite apprehensive to use volume-boosting hair chemical which can be harsh to them, there is a natural solution which is gentle to the scalp and hair. A simple solution of two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus two cups of water can solve the problem of limp and lifeless hair. Pour this mixture to the locks slowly and then thoroughly rinse it. This solution will result to a shinier and softer hair without the need to spend huge sums of money going to the parlor.
  • One of the most widely-used home remedies for treating frizzy and unmanageable hair is by applying smashed avocado to the locks and then leaving it for few minutes before washing rinsing it with water.
  • For kitchen remedy that will tame frizzy hair, a natural hair conditioner solution can be easily made. Prepare three or four tablespoon of yogurt (make sure this has no fats) and one large egg. Pour these two ingredients to a bowl and mix it well. After shampooing the hair, apply this mixture and finger-comb this to the hair from roots to tips. Leave this mixture about 10 to 15 minutes and then thoroughly rinse it using cold water.
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