Natural OCD Cures

Available Natural OCD Treatment

Oftentimes, people with obsessive compulsive disorder utilize the medications ordered by the doctors. Unfortunately, these medications have a lot of adverse reaction for their users. Good thing now that there are already available natural OCD cures that you can use.

When you are treating obsessive compulsive disorder, you have to put into your mind that you can utilize first the natural OCD cures. These cures are less expensive and are usually safer than the medications intended for the disorder.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The first natural cure for obsessive compulsive disorder is not all about using herbal remedy. But rather, this is all about mental conditioning. The cure is called Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This is one of the most popular therapies for obsessive compulsive disorder. This treatment makes use of the patient’s awareness in understanding his condition. When the patient is aware of his condition, he is likely to overcome all the manifestations of the disorder. The recovery rate in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is higher than the other forms of therapy. The main disadvantage in using this is that there are a lot of people with OCD who are not convenient of seeking help face to face with the practitioner.

Proper Eating Habits

The main system affected with obsessive compulsive disorder is the nervous system. Specifically, stress is also a main cause of the presence of obsessive compulsive disorder. Stress can be reduced by means of eating a balanced diet. Disorders are conditions that need proper and balanced diet in order to achieve relief. For your anxiety attacks, it is advised that you reduce your intake of carbohydrates. When you feel that you are super down at the end of the day, it is recommended for you to ingest foods rich in protein. This supplies cell repair in order to achieve effective nerve conduction. Foods that must be taken in are:

  • Vitamin C rich ones
  • Foods high in Vitamin B complex
  • Foods rich in zinc


Extreme anxiety is noted in patients with obsessive compulsive disorder. In this case, St. John's Worth or also called as hypericum is effective in decreasing the anxiety. Aside from providing natural cure for OCD, this is also effective in disorders like generalized anxiety and somatoform diseases. The action of this natural herb is the medicine called SSRIs. As a matter of fact, this is more potent than the other forms of drugs that help in eliminating the feelings of anxiety.

Butea Frondosa

Since the time of the ancient India, Butea Frondosa is already being used in order to eliminate extreme level of anxiety. The main action of the plant is not just to eliminate the anxiety felt by the person with OCD but also to help in enhancing a person's memory. Moreover, the extract from its leaves are sufficient with a substance that reduces the stress which is the main cause of obsessions and compulsions of OCD patients. The side effects are just mild but are very powerful.

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