Natural Remedies Irregular Menstruation

Natural Cure for Irregular Menstruation

Menstruation periods may be irregular. It is quite alarming and thus needs some basic procedures to gain its regular flow. This article discusses some facts about having irregular menstruation and recognizes its natural remedies.

Women by nature experiences irregular menstruation. Some of them take some medication and other supplements. It is the fact that majority of us feel unease once irregular menstruation takes place. Being a woman, it is your right to know the different explanations behind these occurrences. To cope up with the topic, the succeeding paragraphs help you in determining its causes and natural treatments as well.

Concept of Irregular Menstruation

Menstruation period makes you feel uncomfortable. Aside from these, you will also experienced headache, stomach ache and other body pains. But, having irregular menstruation may be so annoying and risky. Irregular periods refer to the abnormality of menstruation cycle. Some may encounter heavy flows and some are not. Majority of the women experienced this situation and eventually make ways in order to make it regular.

Causes and Symptoms of Irregular Menstruation

Irregular menstruation encloses numerous causes and symptoms. Irregular eating habits, smoking, drinking caffeine, over-exercise, poor nutrition, increased stress, medications, miscarriage, hormonal imbalance, breastfeeding, bowel deficiencies, over excitement, injury and other pathological conditions are some of its causes. On the other hand, in identifying irregular periods, its symptoms must properly observe. Skin dullness, insomnia, decreased appetite, depression, vomiting, nausea, lower back discomfort and pelvic discoloration are one of its symptoms.

Natural Remedies for Irregular Menstruation

To solve your irregular menstruation, the following are some natural remedies: First, garlic with honey is one of the effective ways in treating irregular periods. Second, create healthy diet procedures. Third, proper exercise is very essential to reduce stress and maintain healthy body conditions. Fourth, take to relax and avoid inappropriate activities that can make your menstruation irregular. Lastly, eat some fruits such as papaya and bananas. Drinking glass of water with sesame seeds is also effective.

Things to Consider While Having Irregular Menstruation

If you are having irregular menstruation, the following are the do’s and don’ts that you need to consider. First, refrain from eating foods that may trigger constipation. These may include sour and fried foods. Fish is also considered as one of the dietary foods to overcome pain. It is also essential to avoid poultry, dairy and meat products. Vegetables like drumstick, biter gourd, cucumber and white pumpkin are generally use to cure dysmenorrhoea. Irregular menstruation accompanied with heavy or light periods. With the use of natural remedies, menstruation will be normal. Taking other medicines maybe useful, but it is necessary to consult first your doctor before taking any typed of medicines. Some medicines are not advisable to take and may sometimes incur too much pain. It is always best to follow natural remedies to avoid any side effects.

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