Natural Remedies for Allergies in Children

Home Cure for Allergies in Children

If your child is suffering from allergies, you will soon have headaches because of the rising costs of medicines or drugs. There are great and effective home remedies that you can use like green tea, black tea, honey, thyme, and many others. Honey is the best among children because of its sweet taste.

Before you make use of any natural remedies for allergies, it is important that you know what you’re dealing with. Allergies are quite common especially in children. It can take many forms. For instance, a person can be allergic to certain medications, fruits, vegetables, smoke, and dust. Once you’re allergic to any substance or particle and it enters your body, your allergy can be triggered. The foreign particles may enter the body through touch, drinking, eating, or breathing. Basically, allergies are of two types – chronic and seasonal. It is vital that you learn to distinguish between the two before using any of the remedies.

Allergy Info

When climatic changes occur, a person may suffer from seasonal allergies. On the other hand, chronic allergies can occur regardless of season. Whenever a certain allergen is present, a person may exhibit allergic symptoms. The most common symptoms are nasal blocking, breathing difficulty, itchy and watery eyes, etc. Home remedies are now very popular in treating certain allergies. Oftentimes, using conventional drugs or medicines can be costly. Have you heard about the benefits of green tea? You can add honey to it and drink 3-4 cups a day. Another option is to drink black tea. Make sure that you observe precautionary measures when using the home remedies.

Great Remedies

For cough and sinus problems, you can drink thyme tea. You can do this at home by simply boiling water and adding the dried herb. You can add honey as a sweetening agent. The leaves of peppermint can also give you the same relief. If you want a natural form of anti-histamine, you can use chamomile. However, if you’re allergic to ragweed, you need to be extra careful in using chamomile. You might have noticed that honey can be added in most of the herbal preparations. Raw honey is the best in resisting allergies. Find a farm in your area that sells fresh honey.

Garlic is well known for its medicinal properties. It can help in purifying the blood and it strengthens your immune system. This is an ideal decongestant. You can consume this raw or you can also cook it. For allergic itching and hives, you can use apple cider. You can also add apple cider in your bathing water. It can be hard to get children to take the natural remedies. However, if you can find fresh honey, you’ve found the perfect natural remedy. With its sweet taste, they will be more than willing to take it.

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