Natural Remedies for Arthritis in Fingers

Home Remedies for Arthritis in Fingers

Pain in fingers due to arthritis symptoms or other conditions is worrisome. This medical condition is treated by various diagnosis options but natural remedies are truly ultimate. You must take in account the symptoms seriously to prevent this disease with natural treatment method. Holistic treatment from natural healing is best to eradicate this problem completely. Best healing through natural treatment is not yet confirmed but its impact is impeccable with excellent cure.

If you are serious to cure arthritis in fingers then choose natural treatment which prepares body to absorb medicine while curing the disease. Natural healing starts with supporting body and eradicating problem gradually. Gradualist factor might make them slow options but its final impact is worth admirable– complete cure for which dietary and lifestyle changes are important.

The Problem:

Arthritic fingers are typical problems that cause pain, swelling and deformity problems that might affect overall health or lifestyle. It develops worrisome situation when lifestyle affects. Even simple day-to-day activities are affected when pain is unbearable. Difficult situation arise after stiffness and loss of movement in finger.


Any anti-inflammatory medication is considered common treatments for arthritis in fingers. It might offer temporary relief from swelling and pain but don’t have complete cure. Relief is good but prolonged dose of anti-inflammatory medicines invites gastrointestinal problem or ulcer which is troublesome. It is advisable not to go with quick relief diagnoses. Non-medicinal options are best natural treatments. They have best cure and pain relief:

  • Heat and cold option in which heat lessens tension/stiffness and cold bring down swelling
  • Hand therapy is an option for better movement, motion and strengthening muscles
  • Proven herbal remedies are best to cure arthritis in fingers
  • Turmeric and ginger extracts are natural choices

How Do They Work?

These options don’t have side effects unlike modern medications. They improve circulation hence stiffness reduces. Arthritis in fingers is curable disease. You come over from it easily and perform normal activities. They are safe and treat arthritis without inviting complication.

Finger Therapy:

Simple finger exercises are good to loosen stiff joints. Squeezing soft rubber or foam ball in hand does. Hold hand with fingers spread open and bend each finger separately towards palm. Keep practicing it and gently squeeze underwater after wearing gloves. Use therapeutic or driving gloves for complete protection. Lifestyle changes have good impact.

Natural and Alternate Therapies:

Alternative therapies are herbal, homeopathic remedies and treatment from household items rather than going for surgical options. These items include:

  • Use of ginger root and garlic
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Medicines from common herbs
  • Chamomile tea reduces muscle
  • Echinacea herb helps build immunity
  • Ginkgo or ginkgo biloba herb increase blood circulation
  • Ginseng herb is a natural energy booster
  • Yogaraj guggulu taken thrice a day
  • Essies tea is powerful organic herbal supplement
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