Natural Remedies for Edema

Effective Home Remedies for Edema

The best and simple way to cure edema is through the aid of natural remedies. Edema is a disorder, which there’s an unusual accumulation of fluid into the body. Edema typically affects the feet, legs and ankles but it can also occur in some areas of the body. Natural remedies are ideal because of its no side effect benefit.

Edema can be characterized as inflammation of the body due to fluid retention in certain parts of the body. Edema usually occurs in lower extremities like the legs and the feet but can also occur in some parts as well. As perspective, edema is an accumulation of extra fluid in space under the skin.

  • Causes and Symptoms of Edema

    Edema is particularly caused by an excessive build-up of fluids in the tissue of the body, which may be caused by numerous factors. One of the cause if edema is chronic venous disease, it is a condition wherein the veins within the legs are extremely compromised by restricting the blood flow and it goes back into the heart. It is a condition, wherein the valves and veins are damaged. Some of the causes of edema are low albumin, allergic reactions, critical illness, heart disease, kidney disease and cerebral edema as well as pregnancy edema. As discussed above, the main symptom of edema is swelling of lower extremities.

  • Natural Treatment for Edema

    Natural treatment for edema is known as homeopathic and herbal remedies that are considered as cure for this condition which is also great because it does not have any side-effect that can harm the patient.

  • Salt-restricted diet

    People with edema should extremely avoid salty foods because salt tends to worsen the condition.

  • Mustard oil

    It is considered as the most excellent homeopathic remedies for edema. To do this, get some warm mustard oil and apply it directly in the area. You can also opt by soaking 2 tablespoon mustard in water and apply it on the affected area.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is not only great for treating other disorder but also an effective treatment for edema. It helps on eliminating the excess fluids in the body cells. Apple cider vinegar is also considered as one of the most versatile natural remedy for edema.

In addition, it is also very important to consume low carbohydrate foods only. This is because carbohydrate contains more water and it can cause for the fluid to retain in the body. It is also very important to add physical activities like exercise. This is one of the best ways because it removes the excess fluid in the body. Do not smoke or drink too much, it can worsen the condition further.

According to pulmonary edema is also one of the causes of this condition and may cause shortness of breath that is accompanied by poor level of oxygen in blood. Some individual with this type of edema may have frothy sputum and cough.

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