Natural Remedies for Giardia

What Are The Natural Remedies for Giardia

Giardia is a parasite that is considered as a protozoan. This mainly targets the intestinal system of the affected person. When this is present, it can cause malnutrition to and any other fatal conditions. Natural remedies for giardia can be learned when you read this article.

Before you utilize the hospital medications as well as treatments for giardia, it is advised that you try first to utilize the non-expensive means of eliminating the parasite. The natural remedies are sometimes more effective than the treatments offered in the hospitals. In addition, these natural means of combatting the condition will not predispose you to possible serious side effects.

What is Giardia?

First, you have to understand some of the basic information concerning the disease called as giardia. This condition is caused by the parasite under the protozoan classification. The causative agent of the disease is found in ditches, streams, lakes and other water sources in outdoor type. The parasites are being shed off by wild animals and travels to the flowing water. It is not only human that is the main victim of the parasite, Dog and cats are also affected when they have ingested the cysts of the parasite. When ingested by the human body, the parasite can cause diarrhea that is uncontrollable, profuse as well as water. In severe cases, there is mucus or blood that comes along with the stool of the affected patient. Natural remedies for this condition are:

  • Black walnut
  • Sweet Annie
  • Quassia

Black Walnut

Black walnut is the first recommended natural remedy for giardia. This remedy from nature has the property that stops severe occurrence of diarrhea. The taste of the herb is bitter and has also the property of killing the parasites that cause the occurrence of the disease. What happens when you ingest black walnut is that is cools and soothes the intestines. Thus, the irritation happening in the gastrointestinal system of the affected person will be given with solution. Moreover, this is also best in preventing the other symptoms of the disease like abdominal pain and nausea. The tincture of the herb must be ingested.

Sweet Annie

Another natural remedy that you can utilize is the sweet annie. In Chinese name, this is also called as Qing Hao. Way back in the recent times in ancient China, this is already being used as treatment for intestinal parasite infestation. Aside from that, this is also effective in treating Malaria. As of the moment, you can already find a lot of commercialized forms of sweet annie. These come in powdered and tablet forms. Just in case you are pregnant, it is advised to avoid ingesting sweet annie.


The last applicable natural remedy for giardia is quassia. By nature, this herb contains anti-parasitic properties that help in killing the causative agent of the disease. In using this natural remedy, you can derive tincture out of it. This tastes bitter in nature and is able to treat not only the parasite but also loss of appetite.

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