Natural Remedies for Incontinence

Natural Cure for Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a common health issue that affects many people aging 60 years and older. Although this condition is quite embarrassing as it may hinder the social life of the affected person. In this sense, it is necessary to find the right natural remedies for incontinence.

Many people aging 60 years old and above are complaining about urinary incontinence. Apparently, an individual gains weight there is a great possibility to experience urinary incontinence or slippage. This is because the additional weight put pressure on the bladder that makes the pelvic muscles weaker. Likewise, lack of exercise would not give adequate support to the bladder. That is why an individual would experience the urgent need to urinate. Fortunately, nowadays there are different options of treating the condition and one way is through natural remedies.

Natural Remedies

  • Horsetail

    Using herb is a natural way of treating incontinence. This herb contains significant amount of silica that is good as diuretic. It also contains toning effect ideal for bladder tissues and also contain astringent. You can either take the fresh juice of horsetail or make a decoction.

  • Cypress essential oil

    It also helps in efficient excretion of fluid and at the same time tones up the tissues. All you have to do is to put 6 drops in warm water and soak small towel on the water. After a while, wring out the towel and place it on the lower abdomen. You can also use the essential oil massaging the lower abdomen every day.

  • St. John’s Wort

    Naturally, urinary incontinence is associated with emotional upset. That is why taking St. John’s Wort can help not only for the urinary incontinence but also in alleviating emotional upset.

  • Saw palmetto

    This herb is not only perfect for treating urinary incontinence but also for penile dysfunction. Thus, this herb is helpful for men having prostate enlargement who experience urinary incontinence. In like manner, it also benefits women as it strengthens the urinary organs after menopause. In this way, urinary incontinence among women is reduced.

    Aside from the herbs that you can use as natural remedies for incontinence, you can also search online for other information. Other natural remedies are the following:
  • Dietary changes

    Just like any other health condition, changing diet plays important role. If you are experiencing urinary incontinence you should eliminate in your diet spicy foods, citrus fruits, foods containing honey and sugar as well as other foods that have tomato based sauces. Likewise, reducing the intake of alcohol as well as caffeinated and carbonated beverages can also be a great help.

  • Regular exercise and meditation

    By relieving stress the muscles of the bladder are strengthen. That is why you should perform regular exercise and meditation.

    Moreover, you can also use homeopathic remedy to alleviate the discomfort of urinary incontinence.
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