Natural Remedies for Itchy Eyes

Effective Natural Cure for Itchy Eyes

Does your eye are frequently suffering from itchiness or irritation and consequently you’re looking for natural remedies for itchy eyes? Itchiness on the eyes are commonly caused by certain allergies, and for some cases it is a symptom of an eye ailment; therefore it is very important to learn how to treat itchy eyes with natural remedies that we’ve prepared for you.

The Trouble Caused By Itchy Eyes

When you are regularly agitated by itchy eyes and it is already affecting your everyday life especially in performing your daily office work or household chores, then you must take action as soon as possible to learn its causes or it might be already a symptom of an eye ailment. According to, itchy eyes is one of the symptoms of an allergic reaction or commonly known as “allergy”. For this reason, it is appropriate for you to learn the factors that trigger allergic reaction to have effect on your eyes.

Our eyes is naturally sensitive, anything that affects this important organ of our vision will eventually cause irritation and an itchy sensation that we can’t hardy resist to rub it. Although rubbing the eyes may reduce the itchiness, but excessive rubbing can be harmful and will lead to redness or swelling. Itchy eyes usually happens during the allergy seasons, where there are certain plants that releases allergen-carrier pollens and when caught by the eyes will trigger to allergic reaction resulting to irritation and itchiness. Dust is another cause of allergy and this is coming from the pollution in the environment. There are also certain types of mold that can infect the eyes with allergens. If you are a pet lover and you usually felt itchiness in the eyes when the animal is closer to you, this might be also the cause of your eye allergy.

Most eye specialists give advice to their patients to learn the cause of the itchiness so they can apply natural remedy even at home. However, if the itchiness becomes persistent and the cause is hard to distinguish, it is the time for the doctor to check the problem because it can be a clear sign of “pink eye” or conjunctivitis.

Natural Cure for Itchy Eyes and How to Avoid It

Itchy eyes can be treated with natural remedies or home treatments to stop the frequent itchiness and irritation. Here are the recommended solutions as prescribed by eye experts:

  • Prevention – This is the best solution if you want to be free from the burden of itchy eyes. Based on the causes that we have listed, avoiding those allergy-causing factors is a natural way of stopping the condition to happen over and over. Wear shades or sun glasses when roaming outside to protect your eyes from dusts and pollens. Check the foods that you eat, sometimes it can also cause allergic reactions. If you have pet at home, it is better to stay away from it.
  • Herbal Treatment – Instead of using eye-drops, there are natural herbal treatments as the best alternatives for over-the-counter medications. Cucumber is the most popular natural remedy for swelling and itchy eyes because of its anti-irritant property. Slices of chilled cucumber can be placed on the affected eye for a certain period of time. Aloe Vera, potato, and rosewater are the other herbal treatment for this condition.
  • Have enough rest – Avoid excessive watching on TV, prolonged use of computers, short-time of sleeping habit. This will help your eyes from stress and pressure that causes irritation.

For more information about itchy eyes, has more details for other natural medications.

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