Natural Remedies for Phlegm Cough

The Causes and Natural Remedies of Phlegm Cough

Coughing is the body’s one way to defend the respiratory system from any occurrence of respiratory diseases. However if it is accompanied by phlegm it should be treated immediately by applying phlegm cough natural remedies.

Is Coughing Natural For The Body?

The first impression when somebody is coughing is to avoid that person because of the usual perception that coughing is related to a certain respiratory disease which is contagious in nature and can be easily passed to other. But do you know that through coughing the body can release foreign materials in the form of mucus to defend the respiratory tract from any irritants and for us to breathe normally? In medical science, coughing is defined as the reflex action which is initiated in the respiratory tract to clear it from foreign bodies or microbial invasion that may lead to respiratory disorders. And also, this normal occurrence can be voluntarily or involuntarily in nature.

On the other hand, phlegm is produced from the mucous membranes of the respiratory system and being expelled from the body by the means of coughing. However, if the phlegm turns out to be vicious and coughing becomes persistent, this will result to further discomfort and if not treated immediately can lead to an alarming situation.

The Causes and Its Cure

Typically, cough has two classifications- productive and non-productive. A cough with phlegm is known as productive type of cough while a dry cough or a cough without phlegm is considered as non-productive type. Differentiating the two types of coughs is essential for its natural treatment since there will be separate remedies on each of them.

According to medical experts, there are numerous causes that trigger phlegm cough to occur. Most dry coughs are caused by allergies which are coming from the outside environment such as dusts, chemical fumes, and smokes caused by pollution, irritants coming from chemical compounds like room deodorizers or cleaning agents, and pollen grains spread in the air.

Here are some of the natural remedies for cough with phlegm as listed in

  • Mixture of grape juice and honey. This is one of the popular ways of curing phlegm cough which can be easily prepared at home. Just add two spoonfuls of honey in a grape juice and the patient should take this three times a day within five days.
  • Mixture of pepper and honey. In every two spoonfuls of honey a teaspoon of pepper powder should be mixed then the patient will take it twice a day within a week.
  • Lemon treatment. This remedy is the mixture of lemon, black pepper, and salt that should be taken daily is another best cure in removing phlegm cough.
  • Almond paste. This treatment is being done by soaking the almonds in water in a span of overnight, and then the patient will consume the almond paste in the following day until the phlegm cough is totally cured.
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