Natural Remedies for Piles

Natural Cure for Piles

Piles are also called haemorrhoids. The person affected by this condition suffers a lot from the discomfort that piles bring. So, if you are a person who is prone to piles, you must learn the natural remedies for piles.

Hospital treatments for piles are very much expensive in nature. Because of this, there are others who cannot afford to pay for these expensive treatment modalities. If you belong to those people, you have to learn the natural remedies for piles.


On the top of the list for cures to piles is fig. Figs are said to be excellent natural cures for piles. What you have to do in here is to clean three to four pigs using warm water. See to it that you will soak this overnight. When morning comes, you must eat the figs. Yet, you have to make sure that you have empty stomach once you ingest this food. This food is referred to as the best food that is considered to be a kind of laxative. Taking figs should be done for not less than one month. After this period, you will notice that there is improvement with your piles.

Turnip Leaves

Aside from figs, leaves from turnip are also an effective natural cure for piles or haemorrhoids. You have first to gather the mature leaves of this plant. When you are already done gathering, you should extract the juice out of the leaves and consume about 150 ml of turnip leaves juice. Remember that when you are preparing for extracting the turnip leaves juice, you must wash them carefully to avoid ingesting possible dust as well as microorganism that can compromise your health status.

Sesame Seeds

Apart from the aforementioned natural remedies for piles, sesame seeds are also proven effective cure for this condition. In here, you have to secure at least 20 grams of sesame seeds. These seeds can be bought from the local commercial stores in your place. But if you have no other possible source of this, you can just ask from them. Have this boiled until you noticed that the sesame seeds’ amount have reduced to one third. The next step that you need to do now is to have the decoction grinded with water. Drink the decoction daily in order to feel relief from piles.

Other Natural Remedies for Piles

There are also other natural remedies for piles. One of which is the mango seed. This has become one of the most popular treatments for bleeding haemorrhoids. Aside from halting the possibility of bleeding, this is also proven effective to reduce the painful sensation accompanied by the condition. The extracted juice from radish is also effective in curing piles. In here, you have to consume the juice extracted two times a day. Onion can also be used to treat piles. What you have to do is to put the onion in water and drink the end product daily.

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