Natural Remedies for Rhinitis

What Are The Natural Cure for Rhinitis

You do not actually need to spend a lot in order for you to be relieved from the discomfort brought about by rhinitis. There are available natural remedies for rhinitis that you can use. This will be less expensive than the hospital regimen available for you.

Rhinitis is a condition wherein there is an intense response of the immune system to the environmental allergens present. This condition involves inflammation of the throat, eyes as well as nose. Learn what the natural remedies for rhinitis are.


First is the herb known as Reishi. This is a high class herb that is traditionally used to treat allergies that are chronic. This is widely used for more than thousand of years already in other countries like China. Since this is a kind of herb, you will not experience any untoward reactions when you use this. Aside from the relief of your rhinitis, you can also notice that you will feel young and light after using the herb.

Colloidal Silver

Another natural relief for your Rhinitis is the Colloidal Silver. This is considered as a natural antibiotic and is the oldest utilized remedy for Rhinitis used all over the world. There is a trace in the history wherein Roman and Greek Empires use this natural antibiotic. When you use this, you will not feel any unnecessary reactions because this is non-addictive, non-toxic and will not form any adverse reaction to your body. According to researches, this can kill a total of 650 organisms far better than the typical antibiotic that can only kill 6 microorganisms.

Hemp Oil

Next is Hemp Oil. This is also termed as "Natural Food Perfect for Humanity." In the recent studies, it revealed that this nature healing wonder contains essential amino acids as well as vital fatty acids that is useful in the production of cells in the body. In the past traditions, this hemp oil is being taken in by the person with allergy. And until now, this is still exercised and is actually so much effective in halting allergic reactions occurring in the human body. This is not just a healing stuff but also a nice ingredient in mayonnaise, dressings as well as dips. Frying will decrease its healing and spice properties.


Last is the Serrepeptase. This is an enzyme that is responsible in phagocyting cysts, clots, blood, tissues and inflammation. This has been already used in the clinical field in continents like in Asia and in Europe. This substance is also an alternative for Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs. Not like the other anti-inflammatory drugs, this possesses natural inhibitory effects regarding the release of prostaglandins. Prostaglandin is one of the chemical mediators responsible in the inflammation of the cell. Aside from that, this also halts the release of other chemical mediators for inflammation like the bradykinins and other allergic substances. As a result, there will be no apparent swelling of the cell.

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