Natural Remedies for Styes

Home Remedies for Styes

Styes might be irritating to look at and to deal with but there are natural remedies for styes that will make sure that these things will be avoided. Indeed, it is just easy to get rid of styes in a natural way.

Eye infection is very rampant owing to the fact that there are plenty of bacteria as well as viruses that might infect us. In fact, there are number of infections that we can get when it comes to our eyes. One of the most common infections that we can see in our eyes is the presence of styes.

What is a stye?

Styes are those bumps that we can see commonly in the base of our eyelashes. Some of the common causes why there is the presence of styes are rubbing of the eyes, lack of hygiene, sleep deprivation as well as poor nutrition.

For the most part, infants are the most common people who are infected with styes. But styes can even affect people of all ages. With this in mind, it is but important for us to get to know and make use of the different natural remedies that we can use for styes.

The Remedies

Washing for cleansing

There are times wherein it would be inevitable for your shampoo or soap to reach your eyes when taking a bath. When this happens, make sure that you wash it off away or else bacteria will infect it. More so, if there are dust or other particles that you can find in your eyes, better get rid of it at once.

Use protective equipment

Protective equipment for the eyes is very much available in the market. One of the best equipment that you can use is goggles. It is very important and proper to use goggles especially when you are in places which are full of debris or chemicals. Be very cautious that our eyes are susceptible from these.

Use of natural remedies

Your kitchen can actually give you a lot of remedies for eye irritations just like styes. You can use cloves by just dampening it and place it in a towel as you apply it directly to your styes. This is very helpful in soothing your styes.

One can also make use of potatoes. Just chop it into smaller pieces and apply the pieces of potato into the stye as you put a bandage to it that will make up a poultice. This is of great help in reducing the inflammation of the styes.

You can even consider looking for medicinal leaves like acacia or guava leaves that you can apply to your stye. You can even make use of it as in a hot compress. In home setting, aloe is commonly used. It will have a soothing effect to the eyes as it relieves those styes.

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