Natural Remedy for Burns

Home Treatment for Burns

Burn is considered as traumatic injury, which is caused by electricity, steam, chemicals, sunrays and fire or other means injuring the skin due to heat. Less than 10 percent of burn is considered acceptable type of burn injury. Aside from the creams or medications that physician may prescribe you there’s numerous natural remedy for burns. These homeopathic medications are proven to be effective and successful.

Home Remedies for Burns

In case of minor burns homeopathic medicines and herbs are very effective in terms of reducing the pain as well as quicken the healing of the burn.

Why Choose Home Remedies for Burns?

One of the best advantages of natural remedies for burn is they are generally very affordable. You don’t have to worry if they can cause certain side effects into your skin after using. As a matter of fact, even our ancient relatives have used this method for treating their burns.

Kitchen Remedies for Treating Skin Burns

  • Diluted vinegar is one of the most effective first aid treatments for minor burns.
  • In case you don’t have vinegar, honey can be used to cover the burns of the skin. They can be helpful to heal the burn faster and alleviate pain as well as scarring.
  • A flannel soaked in whole milk may also be useful if you don’t have both vinegar and honey.

Herbal Treatment for Burns

  • You can use Lavender essential oil on the affected area, it can help the burn to heal immediately and alleviate the pain.
  • Fresh sap of Aloe vera leaf is an effective means to remedy your burn.
  • You can also apply a compress, which is soaked in warm St John’s wort tea or an infused essential oil directly on the area. Make sure that when you put them in the burned skin when they are already completely cool.
  • Marigold is also an essential first aid treatment for burn injury. Apply the Calendula ointment or infused oil directly. You can also use it as a compress.
  • Echinacea is very effective because it has the capability to boost immune system. They can be taken internally for about 15 drops into a glassful of water. They can help you repair your skin immediately as well as to battle the infection.
  • Gotu Kola is another herb that can be beneficial to your burn. It has the capability to heal the wound effectively. You can try capsules or as a tea to improve your condition.

According to do not try to cure a third degree bur for the reason that they are very serious and life-threatening. Only medical professionals have the capability to manage this type of burns. Home natural remedies may only be used during recuperating period to avoid infection and increase the immune system.

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