Natural Remedy for Colic

What Is The Natural Remedy For Colic

Does your baby is frequently suffering from irritability, screams or cries loudly repeatedly, and can’t sleep well during night time? This can be a clear sign of colic and this excruciating condition can be treated with natural remedy for colic. Let’s learn how to treat colic with natural remedies so your baby can have a good night sleep at all times.

Learning the Natural Remedy for Colic and its Symptoms

Mothers do care for their babies and they don’t want to see and hear their sweet little angel crying and agonizing with pain, just like in a situation if the baby is experiencing a distressing condition known as “colic”. The first month of the infant is normally stressful for the mother as it is the time that the baby is starting to show the sign of this intolerable condition. Normally in the early part of the nightfall, all of a sudden the baby may scream or cry loudly which is unexplainable and can’t tell exactly its exact reason. explains that prior to its treatment; the mother can apply the “Rule of Three” principle in order to diagnose the baby from colic. Under this principle, the infant can be colicky if the newborn is crying for three hours or more in a single day, no less than three times a week, and within three months of time.

A baby with colic may show the following visible symptoms:

  • Constant moaning
  • Cries sharply or in a high-pitched than normal
  • Persistent vomiting lasting more than 5 days
  • Suddenly cries while feeding or afterwards
  • Shows irritability, weariness, and fussiness all throughout the day
  • Poor weight gain and abnormal temperature

Medical experts also consider that colic can be underlying symptom of other medical conditions such as gastrointestinal problems due to immature digestive system, certain infections, skin irritation, troubled breathing, kidney problems, and other infant disorders. The good news for the mothers out there is that there are natural remedies existing which are safe to apply on your little angels. You must now start learning the natural remedies for colic to bring back the wonderful smiles of your baby.

Find Out How to Treat Colic with Natural Remedies

Fortunately, worried mothers can now relieve the pain and discomfort of their babies with these natural remedies as provided by

  • Chamomile Tea – This herbal plant is best known of its sedative and antispasmodic properties that can relieve stomach discomfort among babies by making a cup of tea out from its flowers.
  • Soy products – It is believed that some milk products coming from cows can trigger the condition of colic to infants, so try replacing it with soy products and if you see improvements then definitely stop feeding the baby with it.
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