Natural Remedy for Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitations Home Remedies

Do you regularly experience irregularity in your heartbeat? If so, therefore you’re looking for the natural remedy for heart palpitations. If you feel that there are changes in the regular beating of your heart and the heartbeats become erratic, then you should not fret since there are numerous home treatments for heart palpitations plus additional information about this distressing and worrying condition.

Facts about Heart Palpitations

Normally, most people are experiencing irregularity on their heartbeats and for some reasons this makes the person become concerned about their condition. According to, if an individual is suffering disturbance or trouble on the regular beats of the heart, this upsetting situation is referred as cardiac arrhythmias, or most commonly known as heart palpitations.

Heart palpitation is considered as normal to every individual and sometimes is not serious to be frightened about. Those people under the condition of anxiety are mostly experiencing faster heartbeats, thus the situation is not connected or no direct link with heart problems as explained by medical practitioners. Additionally, when a person experience a blood loss palpitation may arise, as well as if the heart is not receiving enough oxygen.

There are also certain actions that can cause heart palpitation. For instance, when you lie down on your left side you might feel palpitations in your heart because it becomes closer on the chest wall. Another big factor that causes frequent heart palpitation is due to too much cigarette smoking wherein harmful chemicals are disrupting the normal rhythm of the heartbeat. Other causes are excessive exercise, too much caffeine, and lack of sleep, dehydration, pollution in the environment, emotional stress, as well as high fever.

Home Treatment and Natural Remedy for Heart Palpitations

Furthermore, some types of heart palpitations that show rapid heartbeats and it is frequently happening than it was, then it should be treated immediately because it can be a symptom to medical conditions such as tachycardia (when the heartbeat is more than 100 bpm) or bradycardia (below 60 bpm). If symptoms like pain in the chest, dizziness, or shortness of breath become evident, it is time to apply home treatments or natural remedies for its relief.

  • Grapes – It is believed that grape juice is the best treatment for heart palpitation and the patient should drink it in intervals regularly if the palpitations are more frequent to happen.
  • Honey – With a clear glass of water plus mixing it with honey (1 tablespoon), accompanied by half lemon juice, the patient should drink it before he or she sleeps at night. It is also considered that honey can make our heart healthy and strong.
  • Guava – A fresh ripe guava is also known as natural remedy for frequent heart palpitation, but the fruit should be eaten with an empty stomach.
  • Leaves of Snake Gourd – With two tablespoons of the juice of this natural herb should be taken three times a day.
  • Natural foods and fresh fruits – A meal comprising of natural foods and fresh fruits is highly recommended as home treatment for heart palpitations. The vegetables should be cooked lightly in order to maintain the natural nutrients within it.

These are the home treatments and natural remedies for the condition of heart palpitation as being listed at

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